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UPDATE It has a new release date everyone Your Affinity does not define you What defines you is how you choose to wield it As many of you may know by now, this book has apparently been embroiled in a rather intense controversy I say apparently because I personally have only heard of the incident through second hand sources here on Goodreads and have not in fact been following the issue on Twitter So please understand I cannot to speak to that issue I am just here to give my honest review on the book I read Note Not spoiler free This book tells the story of Ana, the fallen princess for Cyrilia, who, due to her affinity for controlling blood, is forced to flee the palace after being accused of murdering her own father She embarks on a journey for justice, seeking to find the man truly responsible for her father s demise, which after a long search puts her on a collision course with Ramson Quicktongue con man extraordinaire An uneasy alliance is formed as these two journey through the kingdom in search of justice and vengeance So I ll say this, the writing itself is rather average There is nothing particularly stellar or memorable about the style of writing But it gets the point across and still carries the story along just fine For those who want the warning, yes this book does contain bloodshed and violence I mean, it s called Blood Heir It d be surprising if there was no bloodshed And yes, there is mention of slavery, or, as it is referred to in this book, Affinite indenturement That being said, it is not slavery based on race or skin color Because in the book it did not seem to matter where the Affinites were from or what they looked liked, if they had a useful affinity they were captured by Affinite brokers, essentially slave traders, and sold to the highest bidder Now I want this to be clear, although slavery does take place in the book, in no way does this book treat slavery as anything but something morally wrong Though our protagonist Ana is certainly quite ignorant to how significant of an issue it is in her country Due to her privilege, she has never truly come face to face with the crime and corruption that runs rampant through the cities She initially believes the issue far and few between, blindly believing that the Whitecoats, the Imperial Guard, protects against threats such as Affinite indenturement But it does not take too long after the book starts, for her to realize just how wrong and out of touch she is Another one, she thought helplessly, and it was as though the world she had seen for the past eighteen years were slowly peeling away to reveal the truth of what it was How many times had she purchases something from someone who might have been forced into a sham contract How many indentured Affinites had she waved at in the crowds when she had traveled with her father to see her empire as a child If Affinite indenturement was so rampant, why had she never heard it discussed in the Palace, at Court, with all of Papa s Imperial Advisors Why had none of it been mentioned in textbooks I ll be honest, initially, I was a bit annoyed with Ana for being so naive, but after I read the passage above I came to realize that it was done purposefully It is part of Ana s journey, discovering the wrongness of her world Understanding that because of her privilege she was shielded from the horrors that everyday people had to face Because, although she certainly suffered for being an Affinite, there were those out there who suffered just as much, if not Because unlike her they did not have a warm bed to go back to or a proper roof over their head They did not have anyone, servants or family members, to take care of them after they were beaten or sold or abused The first step to fixing a problem is recognizing there is a problem And this was Ana s moment of recognition There was nothing, absolutely nothing, forgivable about human beings who chose to put children in cages.For those who are upset saying that it was wrong of the author to kill off May, I just have to say that this has been a long used plot device The killing off of a character close to the protagonist to propel them towards a greater purpose And in no way did it feel like the author killed May simply because she was a person of color If anything I think it because she was a child, an innocent child who had absolutely no say in being born with an ability But because of it she was stolen from her homeland and forced into slavery She died after standing her ground, imploring Ana that no matter what she would not abandon her fellow Affinites to the auction house She died protecting someone she loved, Ana I do not consider that a pointless or meaningless death Ana Ramson Thank you for coming after me Thank you for fighting for me Thank you for saving my life Don t die, Witch, he said Don t get kidnapped, she replied.I adore these two Their threats Their banter But their serious talks were just as important Such as the moment where Ana asks Ramson if he was ever an Affinite broker To which he answers, no, he was not And yet he also makes it clear that he is in no way truly innocent Because although he never did so himself, he knew it was happening and did nothing He continued to work for the man behind it all And that was its own sort of wrongness Guilt by association I think what I enjoyed most about this book is in fact how gray everything was Ana and Ramson both, at their cores, have goodness in them But they have each done their fair share of terrible things Killed, lied and hurt people All in the name of justice and revenge And while I certainly rooted for them the entire time I know they re not innocent They may not be the heroes the people want, but they are the heroes these people need And I hope to, eventually, continue to follow them along their journey to fix a world so wrong I received a free ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Huge thank you to the publishers for providing me with a copy to read and review 1 31 19So apparently this book has been retracted from publication That s very disappointing So far, I m enjoying the book Though it s being put on hold, which I assume it is because if I remember correctly The Continent offended a lot of people and still managed to get published eventually Original blurb In a world where the princess is the monster, oppression is blind to skin color, and good and evil exist in shades of gray comes a dark Anastasia retelling that explores love, loss, fear, and divisiveness, and how ultimately it is our choices that define who we are. The author has confirmed that Blood Heir will publish November 19, 2019. Added to post April 30, 2019GOOD NEWS Zhao is publishing Blood Heir AS IS in November Added to post Jan 31, 2019 Show your support for publication by purchasing a pre sale copy of Blood Heir from your countries primary bookseller Added to post late Jan 30, 2019Added since author Amelie pulled her book from publishing Folks this is just mob style bullying The book is fantasy, not non fiction or even historical fiction The book might as well be banned, burned or censored I cannot believe that some people s opinions have persuaded the writer to pull the novel Not only that but Blood Heir was being published by Random House for goodness sake It s not like it hasn t been edited, proofed, etc Saying that authors can t kill off minority characters or touch on certain subject is absurd Creativity should be about freedom of art in any form as the creator chooses Social media is out of control and this is a sad day for publishing and free speech Posted afternoon of Jan 30, 2019Yes I have an eARC Usually I don t read books months before they are published however, due to controversy s I may make an exception here and read this very soon Three things to say in advance 1 many people are upset that a young black girl dies in this story Is this to say we can never have a minority killed off ever again Cause that seems wrong.2 The is zero, ZERO proof that the writer is screen capping or listing reviewers who give her poor reviews The rumour is based one on twitter post by some random chick who won t give provide any sources That s not journalism folks It s just flat out, ridiculous rumour Don t accuse someone if you don t have at least a shred of proof and no your word is not worth crap on Twitter, sorry but it s not 3 The line from LOTR many have mentioned being used in this book has been used by a dozen or fantasy or other genre books over the years I don t think you can claim that don t go where I can t follow is so iconic that it can never be used again it s a very symbolic phrase perhaps but I see no reason why this concept can t be revisited many times over in literature PS I have NOT yet read Six of Crows, so parallels to it I won t be able to speak to even when I do read this one This book was so damn good If a friend has a physical copy of the arc before the author was bullied, message me, I want the original The book had some major sad parts in it I m looking forward to the next book Mel RANT BELOW ABOUT THE ASSHOLES THAT GOT THOS BOOK SHUT DOWN FOR A BIT UPDATE This was not the day to get this email about my pre order being void And don t preach on my post or you will be deleted I ve put up with enough bullshit in my 40 years It will be back to happy days when I read another great book I guess I should have stayed on Netgalley so I could have read this I have been wanting this book sooo bad but some assholes bullied the author into pulling her book This is a free f g country people I would like to decide for myself whether I might like a book or not I have read plenty of books with slurs, rapes, genocide etc etc etc Do you see that shit pulled No As well it shouldn t So thank you to all the bastards that can t get a life and ruin things for other people Oh, and you all can kiss my ass PS If you don t like this post then unfriend me, you wouldn t be any different than the dickhead boys and girls that dropped my friendship while I was out battling cancer Yeah, you big wigs on GR that I would LOVE to call out for your uncaring asses, but I won t I have better things to do I m sorry to the author and I hope you change your mind And I m sorry for anyone out there that might be trying to tell their story and it gets pulled as well PSS I hope I find hundreds of likes on this post to show we don t tolerate bullying in any way shape or form We all had the right to rate this book from dnf to 5 stars Just think about that Glad I don t have Twitter, wish that shit would shut down too Signed, Royally Pissed Omg I keep finding beautiful cover They dare to be so pretty I pre ordered it too Mel I still have my original ARC Undecided if I will read, because it appears very few significant edits were made First off, something a lot of people don t know Asian friends Please do not get confused the main character is not Asian I know a lot of people think that she is I myself thought that , but after further digging clarification, Ana is not Asian Nor are the people who are enslaved Do with that as you will.The most recent NYT article, abridged some readers argued that Zhao s depiction of slavery was racially insensitive she collected herself and reread her book several times, examining the plot and characters to see if the critics were right She decided they weren t Zhao aimed to invoke real world issues, including human trafficking and indentured servitude in Asia It was very devastating to me that the book was read in a totally different cultural context said Zhao There s a full article, but I ve taken care to abridge it without instilling bias in it, although the act of abridging is inherently biased Please seek the full text if you desire Ultimately, I think when you take an important issue that s relevant to a specific ethnic group, such as human trafficking and indentured servitude in Asia, and change the ethnicities in a novel by making them black, which an enslaved character in question was cast as Amandla Stenberg as by the author , the story will be read in a different context It will, if the enslaved group in question is black, be read as slavery to most American readers Yes, it s an American centric interpretation, definitely, and something the world should work on But this is still something children s authors must take into account, to prevent harm to readers such as black American teens who might read this and interpret it differently.I admit that I have not read it yet But given the facts presented to me, I do question the sensitivity of Blood Heir, new or old version, given the apparent lack of validity in what I believed had been valid criticism about the portrayal of black characters even if it had be amplified muddled by a large number of voices.Changing the race of a character will inherently make a new situation and include its own potential for harmful stereotypes I hope this provides clarity to the situation Both with respect to the main character and the Asian human trafficking influences in Blood Heir. Update My favorite book of the year has a new release date You have no idea how disappointed I am to hear that this book will not be getting published People need to stop getting offended over things This is a fiction book and it was seriously my favorite so far of 2019, so I m completely heartbroken that the author felt the need to pull her book because of bullying.A dark retelling version of Anastasia I m all in I ve read one other Anastasia retelling, Heart of Iron, which was totally different than this one but both were awesome Ana was my baby monster she could do some pretty amazing things with other people s blood We get another POV besides her, Ramson, and oh boy, this young gent had a mind full of things betrayals, a dark past, a dark heart with a hint of light hidden in it I loved him And the scenes with him and Ana own my life The writing was so good, and the story was an incredible page turner I was so scared of another book with a cliffhanger because I ve started so many dang series that end on them, and while it is open ended because of the second book, it isn t the death cliffhanger sentence that I loathe And I ll be ready for book two when it comes Can I also just state that the freaking cover artist deserves a metal for the beautiful cover EDIT Another November 19th 2019 publish What s going on However, seeing that the author most likely rewrote parts of the book I m a bit hesitant to read it It almost feels like self censoring I m very conflicted about this My hopes right now I really need a review from someone who had a chance to read the first version EDIT I made the mistake that I went back to Twitter to have a look what s new I should not have done that They are trying to turn this all around and make the two authors who tried to destroy Zhao you know fair competition the victims in this Let me tell you they are not the victims They started this without reading this book Just disclaimer I absolutely disagree if anyone is threatening them That is a wrong thing to do Take the high road in this Say why you disagree with what they did you can get angry I m still angry pledge to never read anything from them DO NOT RATE their books without reading Be better than that but certainly, do not attack them Original Let me tell you I was excited about this book I still am, and I hope it will be published one day Because even if the author did some wrong in the way she wrote about certain things I would like to see it for myself and create my own opinion The only good outcome of this controversy is that I ve spent hours reading about slavery in Asia and slavery in the 21st century And let me tell you, we need to talk about this issue I wanted to write a nice summary of why I think that the backlash against this author and her unpublished book but I cannot do it without my emotions running high If you want to read , I suggest reading this review From Mary S R I think it s absolutely spot on And I could not do a better job Or if you would like to watch a video, I recommend this one by Francina Simone She did a wonderful job with that video.And now, I have only one thing to say Only a few people read this book, and the majority of the backlash came after people read some outtakes written in a review Let me tell you, if you go and take only part from almost any book, you can create a controversy You are judging it without seeing the whole picture, without reading how the author addressed those scenes You know, maybe those scenes were the moment when the MC realised the system was wrong Maybe not But we do not know And now it seems like we won t find out. 3 Update So, the cover is live Andddd it s time for me to hide and never come on Goodreads again Just kidding Sort of I wanted to share the Dear Reader letter that we included in the ARCs Advanced Reader Copies of BLOOD HEIR It touches upon why I wrote BLOOD HEIR, and who I wrote it for.Dear Reader,Four years ago, I began writing a story about a corrupt empire steeped in winter, filled with morally gray con men, deadly assassins, twisted villains, and above all, a girl named Anastacya, who has the power to manipulate blood and who believes she is a monster.It took me two years to realize that the monster in the story is me.I am an immigrant I am a woman of color And I am an Other In my time in the United States, I have never experienced the sense of crushing fear about my identity that I have recently Get out of my country, communist is only one of the slurs I ve had screamed at me from across the street What I ve experienced personally and seen across social media outlets and national television broadcasts has all amounted to a hyperawareness of my foreignness, my Otherness, and the possibility that because I am different, I am not worthy of belonging.Blood Heir explores the demonization of the Other and this experience of not belonging Ana s journey examines how one can internalize hatred and fear, how that can warp one s core and turn it into something cruel and twisted But ultimately, her story is one of self acceptance, and of the realization that we cannot change who we are nor what we are born with, but we can choose what we do with what we are given And like me, Ana chooses to fight for a better tomorrow.So I gave magic to my girls who were told they were monsters I gave my children of color the ability to fight oppression Because in a world where there is so little I can control, I want to put hope and power in their hands for once and in a world where those deemed different are often cast out and made to be monsters, I want them to win.Thank you for reading.Am lie Wen Zhao `Free ⇝ Blood Heir (Blood Heir, #1) ✘ This hot debut is the first book in an epic new series about a princess hiding a dark secret and the con man she must trust to clear her name for her father s murder In the Cyrilian Empire, Affinites are reviled Their varied gifts to control the world around them are unnatural dangerous And Anastacya Mikhailov, the crown princess, has a terrifying secret Her deadly Affinity to blood is her curse and the reason she has lived her life hidden behind palace walls When Ana s father, the emperor, is murdered, her world is shattered Framed as his killer, Ana must flee the palace to save her life And to clear her name, she must find her father s murderer on her own But the Cyrilia beyond the palace walls is far different from the one she thought she knew Corruption rules the land, and a greater conspiracy is at work one that threatens the very balance of her world And there is only one person corrupt enough to help Ana get to its core Ramson Quicktongue.A cunning crime lord of the Cyrilian underworld, Ramson has sinister plans though he might have met his match in Ana Because in this story, the princess might be the most dangerous player of all.