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FREE ç Big Summer » The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Nothing Short Of Brilliant People Mrs Everything Returns With An Unforgettable Novel About Friendship And Forgiveness Set During A Disastrous Wedding On Picturesque Cape CodSix Years After The Fight That Ended Their Friendship, Daphne Berg Is Shocked When Drue Cavanaugh Walks Back Into Her Life, Looking As Lovely And Successful As Ever, With A Massive Favor To Ask Daphne Hasn T Spoken One Word To Drue In All This Time She Doesn T Even Hate Follow Her Ex Best Friend On Social Media So When Drue Asks If She Will Be Her Maid Of Honor At The Society Wedding Of The Summer, Daphne Is Rightfully Speechless Drue Was Always The One Who Had Everything Except The Ability To Hold Onto Friends Meanwhile, Daphne S No Longer The Same Self Effacing Sidekick She Was Back In High School She S Built A Life That She Loves, Including A Growing Career As A Plus Size Instagram Influencer Letting Glamorous, Seductive Drue Back Into Her Life Is Risky, But It Comes With An Invitation To Spend A Weekend In A Waterfront Cape Cod Mansion When Drue Begs And Pleads And Dangles The Prospect Of Cute Single Guys, Daphne Finds Herself Powerless As Ever To Resist Her Friend S Siren Song A Sparkling Novel About The Complexities Of Female Friendship, The Pitfalls Of Living Out Loud And Online, And The Resilience Of The Human Heart, Big Summer Is A Witty, Moving Story About Family, Friendship, And Figuring Out What Matters Most She described her clothes as, Luscious , it sounded like a new code word for fat like, Rubenesque There always seemed to be a code word to describe a fat person some biting, meant to sting and be mean Then some marketing person realized fat women need clothes too, so they better come up with a word that sounded appealing, positive, making these women feel attractive, you know, less fat.I m excited about this book Jennifer Weiner tackles plus size women and fat shaming head on in this novel, as it should be Of course, she does it with humor and honesty, but wrapped in a story of two BFFs from high school into their adult lives One is a girl of privilege, Drue and the other was the scholarship girl, Daphne, at the fancy prep school they attended together Life happens, so much life When a blind date Drue set up for Daphne, goes all wrong on the dance floor of a local club, Daphne turns the shamming around and gives a guy a lesson in manners and values Unbeknownst to Daphne, someone filmed it and posted it the next day The video goes viral and to Daphne s shock, most of the hits are positive for her She s stunned She s always tried to eat healthy and exercise She s just a big girl If all the people see her as a real person then it s time for her to see it too Daphne replaces her dark wardrobe for colorful clothes that enhance her shape and becomes a media influencer She s positive and honest, and her followers love that about her.As the second half unfolds, we re suddenly involved in a mystery of a who dunnit, with most of the characters from part one Drue is getting married and begs Daphne to be in her wedding, explaining she doesn t have any friends Well, Daphne understands when you use people most of your life that can happen Drue pleads so Daphne accepts The wedding is the extravaganza Daphne anticipated, but unexpected s t happens that no one could have possibly predicted Are we going stay around this You bet we are It s so well done you will not put the book down Big Summer is a Big Winner Thank you Netgalley, Atria Publishing, and Jennifer Weiner Wow Fat shaming, dangers of social media, frenemies, entertaining, riveting, interesting plot with well developed, impeccable characterization and it s Jennifer brilliant Weiner book There s nothing say I m all in Two things I adored about the book 1 Our MC Daphne, her struggles, family relations, her inner securities and her fight against self loathing, learning to self respect, turning it into a shining, growing, successful business opportunity Yes, she is social media influencer, she s smart, she is beautiful, she is powerful, she is strong.2 Intriguing progression of the story, unexpected twist makes you feel like the rug pulled out from under you and genre s whirlwind change Yes, ladies and gentleman, first part of the book is women s fiction and chic lit and it is totally branded Jennifer Weiner s writing style but when you reach to the second half, the story turns into a MURDER MYSTERY I didn t see it coming and my spidey senses left the building so I left in the dark And guess what This mysterious half is also captivating and entertaining A brilliant author can manage to bring out different tastes to serve her readers and you gotta get ready to devour these delicious parts at one bite It s truly worth it Let s take a look at the plot Our main character Daphne is being humiliated, teased because of her appearance throughout her life Especially the epic fight with her best wealthy, blonde, skinny, shiny best friend Drue screams her cruel, harsh words which marks a milestone of her youth Because she didn t belong to the plastic surgery icons fake, perfect, selected world And her family is not rich enough to send her college so she got her scholarship and did her best to adapt with her inner circle didn t treat her so well Daphne gathers her wits and turns her insecurities, years of humiliation into a career opportunity and she becomes a social media influencer But her mean girls Broadway musical cast choice Drue connects with her after six years of silence And she wants her to her maid of honor seems like being Cruella didn t give much power to her throughout the years Now she s seeing a therapist and trying to make things right and she even offers her money so biased and bribed Daphne finally accepts the offer And then I m stopping right there because that s the part the story is going to the different direction You gotta read ASAP to learn juicy details.The only thing that really irritated me about the book, the over emphasizing Daphne s wright at each chapters, comments of the people she related or connected, her inner thoughts At some parts I want to stop reading and screaming Oh come on Why is she only defined by her weight as if she should be shunned Being overweight is not a disease It can increase the risk of so many health problems but being unhappy kills you faster than the fat surround your bodies It s a fact Eat carbs, chocolate and drink wine Just be happy and stop judging yourself Even supermodels have anxiety crisis and feel themselves ugly Everything ends in your mind Weiner s approach to the social media and the way she manifests threatening harsh comments dangerous effect on the people s psychology are brilliant but I think she didn t treat fair to her MC.I loved her subject choices but I didn t like some of her point of views and expressions So I m cutting one and half points and giving 3.5 starts of course I m rounding them up 4 because it s still amazing reading An entertaining, riveting, though provoking, hilarious, questioning, well written novel is highly recommended to be at your beach bag Special thanks to NetGalley and Atria Books , dear Ariele Fredman for sharing this enjoyable page turner ARC with me in exchange my honest review I always have memorable time when I read one of my favorite authors novels.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter I won this ARC in a GoodReads Giveaway in exchange for a fair review My thanks to GR, the publisher and the author for this opportunity.This is not my typical go to genre nor do I feel like I am the ideal demographic for this book Even so, I was spellbound from the beginning and finished this in one sitting When things became twisty in the middle of the book I was completely unprepared for it and found I could not stop reading until I reached the riveting conclusion Still I felt the first half of the book was for me anyway the stronger half by a smidgen But by then, Daphne Berg had stolen my heart completely and I was all in I think this is going to be a perfect summer read 3.5 starsI would still want to be her friend, because she was everything I wanted to be Six years after the fight and video that ended their friendship, Drue Cavanaugh comes back into Daphne Berg s life Drue is as Blonde, skinny and beautiful as ever and she needs something from Daphne She comes begging forgiveness and for Daphne to be her Maid of honor at her wedding Daphne is shocked, that night besides being incredibly painful was the turning point in her life She turned her pain and embarrassment into a career and is now a social media influencer So why her Why not ask someone else to be in her wedding This book started slowly for me Let me clarify, I enjoyed the beginning with the single woman raising her son on the Cape, but then there is a dramatic shift and the book tells the story of Daphne, Drue and to a small degree, Daphne s roommate and lifelong friend, Dashni as well After the change is the storyline, it took until the 49 percent mark for me to become fully invested in the book That is when things became interesting to me That is when the book which was many things a book about female friendships, body shamming, self esteem, the positive and negative aspects of sharing parts of your life on social media, family, accepting yourself, etc., became a whodunit as well The last part of the book moved very fast for me as I was eager to find out all the questions brought up in this book The last part of this book saved it for me Thank you to Atria Books and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.