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Gain an understanding behind the mangement of the Missouri River Almost a balanced view, a bit too critical of the Corps, who hasstakeholders to try and satisfy than any other federal agency in water resources. Big Muddy Blues is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in conservation, river ecology, and the politics and economics of various environmental considerations including efforts at control, like damming waterways The Missouri River is an important theme in the politics of the middle states of the country and in the economy of the entire US. .EBOOK ⚖ Big Muddy Blues: True Tales and Twisted Politics Along Lewis and Clark's Missouri River ☫ America s Missouri River may be the nation s longest and most historically significant river, encompassing many of America s natural wonders between Missouri and Montana, draining almost , square miles in ten states and part of Canada, and, after Lewis and Clark s expeditionyears ago, opening the West to a frenzied rush of expansionBut the Missouri is also the site of a vast, politically driven drama It tops a list of emerging big stakes river wars around the country that pit conservation, development, farm, barge, American Indian, and government interests against one another in clashes made even complicated by the scarcity of water in many river basin statesIn Big Muddy Blues, veteran journalist Bill Lambrecht uses the bicentennial of Lewis and Clark s epic adventure west as a lens to show the other side of the story what s been lost overyears And the losses, on top of themiles cut off the river by Army Corps stabilization efforts, aren t slight Dependent on every word uttered in courtrooms and legislatures for their futures are thanrare and endangered species, the family farms that require a stabilized river, the barges of shippers that require a heavier flow, and dozens if not hundreds of sacred Native American burial groundsRunning through it all is the water than , miles of it that slakes the thirst of people in one sixth of the nation and has, in the last few hundred years, been home to Native Americans, explorers, and settlers river pirates, shipwrecks, and steamboats and farmers, conservationists, and the Army This is the story of Big Muddy, of its influence on the formation and stability of our nation and of its place in the center of an escalating river war that will set the stage for water wars in the decades to come k