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Great book before introducing a science lesson on bugs Cute book for students to see how worms are important Also great for showing friendship. @DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⚞ Best Friends: The Diaries of Worm and Spider ⚣ These are the diaries of a worm and a spider Surprisingly, they aren t that different from you or me Except Worm eats his homework and Spider enjoys taking wind catching lessons Doreen Cronin, the New York Times best selling author of Click, Clack, Moo and Giggle, Giggle, Quack teams up with Harry Bliss for these hysterical diaries about the daily doings and the hidden worlds of these lovable bugs This special edition picture book inlcudesDiary of a Worm Diary of a Spider Great to use to teach writing using a calendar or journal entry. Great book to use in science as well as math In science student are able to document the difference between worms and spiders and in math students can practice chronological order Best friends can help talk about chronilogical order, along with what different animals do, and friendship. Great book for teaching a science lesson about bugs and why they are good to have around Cute way to talk to students about what worms do and looking at the world from their perspective. This book is great for how worms work in nature It also shows a time line and calendar which is great for a math lesson.It also talks about friendship, this book is so diverse that it can be used for many things Great for observing and comparing