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good @DOWNLOAD PDF ê Because of Women ô The story of a womanizer and his love for family, by Cameroon native Mbella Dipoko I didn t like the writing style, but the story was interesting I m sorry I didn t pay enough attention to the literary meaning of the weather from the beginning, because it made it harder to interpret further on in the story But it was an okay read in any case Here is a quote from this work it signifies not only why some have regarded the book as rather pornographic but also where the title of the book stems from His imagination reminded him of the pleasureand warmth women have in the depth of theirthighs, real joy, the wonderful humidity, and hefelt his thing getting up He sighed, realizing forthe first time how he loved women pg 159 of the old Heinemann edition It can be stated as a fact that virtually all men love women and their special sweetness The author here is not ashamed of this, and generally one should not Another modern African writer who has no qualms writing about sex if needs be, is Zakes Mda, just read his autobiography In this particular book, there is frankness over the pleasures of womankind my favourite scene here is a special sexual encounter by the riverside, where the woman is enjoying the act but pretending to protest.