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Do NOT read if you don t want a short synopsis of the book view spoiler JB goes to a party and gets wasted, almost homebase ing with a random chick Lindsay goes to Frog with Adam and co and encounters Uriah, who insinua (((BOOK))) ★ Beautifully Broken (Addicted to You, #2) ☠ Good Girl Lindsay Cramer Has Her Life Completely In Order, And She Keeps Her Goals On A Checklist Obtain Scholarship To Ivy League University, Finish Undergrad, And Move On To Med School She S Worked Hard To Get Where She Is, And She S Determined Not To Let Anything Or Anyone Get In Her WayUntil She Meets Justin Brown JB Is Gorgeous, And The Kind Of Guy Who Is All Wrong For Lindsay The Kind Of Guy Who Is All Wrong For Anyone He Drinks, He Fights, And He Has A Secret Past Lindsay S Not So Sure She Wants To Know AboutBut When The Two Of Them Are Together, Lindsay Can T Help But Lose Herself In Him It S The Way His Eyes Burn When He Looks At Her The Way His Smile Makes Her Dizzy The Way His Hands Feel On Her BodySoon, Lindsay And Justin Are Completely Addicted To Each Other But When Their Dangerous Game Culminates With Lindsay Having To Make A Shocking Choice, Will She Be Able To Keep JB In Her Life And If So, Will She Lose Everything In The Process BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN Is The Second Episode Of A New Series, ADDICTED TO YOU, With Episodes Releasing Every Week It Is For A Mature Audience, Due To Sexual Situations And Language EXCERPT He Led Me Down To The Water, And We Stood On The Dock We Re Going Swimming I Gaped At Him Are You Crazy It S Hot Out So So When It S Hot Out, You Go Swimming He Grinned And Then, Like It Was Nothing, He Reached Down And Pulled Off His Shirt His Arms Were Tan And Cut, His Chest Chiseled And Smooth His Six Pack Flexed As He Tossed His Shirt Onto The Dock, And I Started To Feel A Little Dizzy I M Not Going In The Water Why Not Because It S Illegal He Grinned You Ve Never Done Anything Illegal Before Not Really Well, Let Me Tell You A Secret About Doing Things That Are Illegal He Motioned Me Toward Him, And I Took A Tiny Step I Didn T Trust Myself To Be Close To Him There Was An Air Of Excitement And Anticipation Thrumming Below The Surface Of Our Interactions, And I Didn T Know What He Was Going To Do Kiss Me Throw Me In The Water It Was Scary And Wonderful At The Same Time Closer, He Said, TeasingI Moved CloserHe Rolled His Eyes, Then Closed The Gap Between Us, Leaning Down So He Could Whisper In My Ear Ready For The Secret His Breath Tickled The Skin Of My Neck, And It Was So Warm It Made The Summer Night Air Feel Cold A Shiver Skittered Down My Spine Ready, I Breathed Things Are Only Illegal If You Get Caught And I Never Get Caught Feeling like these are a bit short and slow There was a moment when the author wrote Justin s name and it was supposed to be Adam Lindsey seems really timid and meek for someone at Cambridge As much as I d like to keep reading, I won t spend 2.99 on the next book since they are so short. Honestly I enjoyed this book There were a few off things but overall I liked it It s now getting a little cozy with Lindsay and Justin oh I should also add I really enjoyed his smartass move with the cellphone Part two continues at the precise moment part one leaves off As I d stated in regards to part one, these snippets barely can qualify as novellas Each chapter alternates POVs from Cambridge freshman, Lindsay, and MMA candidate, Justin aka JB. 2.5 stars . Don t start this series because by the time you are done it will cost over 15.00 to read Books are 45 pages 29 pages 45 pages unbelieveable Don t start it at all. Totally awesome book Adam is a jerk I love Justin, he is street smart and cool He is good enough for Lindsay My only complaint is that I don t like how it s like a mini series I want to read a whole book.