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!READ DOWNLOAD ♠ Beard Science ♥ Make a deal with the devil and you might get what you want, but will it be what you need? Jennifer Sylvester wants one thing, and that one thing is NOT to be Tennessee’s reigning Banana Cake Queen Ever the perpetual good girl and obedient daughter, Jennifer is buckling under the weight of her social media celebrity, her mother’s ambitions, and her father’s puritanical mandates Jennifer is officially desperate And desperate times call for Cletus WinstonCletus Winston is a puzzle wrapped in a mystery covered in conundrum sauce, and now he’s in a pickle Despite being convinced of his own omniscience, extortion by the exalted Banana Cake Queen of Green Valley has taken him completely by surprise So what’s a maniacal mastermind to do? Likely, the last thing you expect Beard Science is the third book in the Winston Brothers series, is a fulllength romantic comedy novel, and can be read as a standalone 5 leprosy stars! “ You’ll know one day, Cletus You’ll discover what it’s like to find the other part of yourself You’ll know it’s her, only her, always her Maybe not right away, but eventually you’ll know She’ll be your beginning, middle and end And your intentions won’t matter Love brings its own intentions, and all other plans, hopes and dreams fade to insignificance in the face of love.” So let me start off with why I am the worst Penny Reid fan ever I’ve read all but one of her books, and I have enjoyed every single last one of them Do I enjoy somethan others? Yes But never, not once has this woman ever let me down So when I went into Beard Science, I went in with extremely low expectations and to be honest, some reservations Because, (AND SHAME ON ME) my messed up brain thought “there’s no way Cletus can live up to the hype.”Let me tell you something:CLETUS LIVES UP TO THE HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Did you get that? Once : CLETUS LIVES UP TO THE HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I think you got it now.Beard Science is the third book in the Winston Brother series (not including Beauty and the Mustache) and can be read as a standalone novel Cletus is the overly intelligent and odd brother of the Winston clan But what many do not know about him is behind his innocent and peculiar behavior there is a dark and conniving mind filled with revenge plots and espionage Jennifer Sylvestor is the town sweetheart, the Banana Cake Queen Often overlooked or written off as simple, she lives a lonely life dictated by her parents When a happenstance situation gives Jennifer some valuable information about Cletus, Jennifer uses it to have Cletus help her with something she needed Knowing how smart he is, Jennifer has observed Cletus among the rest of the town and she can see through the front he provides to everyone else When Jennifer comes into his life, she’s not what Cletus expected As he helps her with her problem, he discovers there isto her than meets the eye, just like him “I’m not scary, I’m ridiculous.” “You are many things, Cletus Winston, but nothing about you is ridiculous.” This is the first time I have ever finished a book and then sat there and felt anger begin to course through me because it was over That has never happened to me before I sat there for 30 minutes, mad because that story had ended, and I was no longer a part of Cletus and Jennifer’s world.Then I reminded myself of this:I LOVED CLETUS I LOVED JENNIFER I LOVED THEM TOGETHER!!!!! There were so many time when reading this book when I cracked up, I even did a very unattractive laugh snort I even teared up a couple of times There’s something about Cletus and Jennifer together that was magical, their understanding and respect of each other, and how they both share vulnerabilities I loved how Cletus is so intelligent and yet so oblivious at the same time, how Jennifer saw him for all he was I just flat out loved this book!And Billy fans out there (who by the way is MINE) Penny throws us a bone!!! Gah! Love that man! Le sigh I suspect a lot of feels in the future Anyways, this is one of my favorite books Penny has ever written, it’s something really special There is not one thing I did not love about it, every single bit of this book was pure awesome “I loved her both rationally and irrationally And I wanted her with a ferocity that had kept me awake at night and tortured during the day.” ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 5 stars!!! From the moment I read the first book in the Winston Brothers series, I knew Cletus Winston was the brother I wanted most to read about There was something about Cletus, and honestly, I thought Penny would make his book last since so many of us wanted it I’m thankful that the wait wasn’t too long and his book was third in the series Beard Science was a fantastic addition to this series, just like I knew it would be We all know about Cletus Winston He’s the sneaky brother The one who is a mastermind and a bit of a mystery Jennifer Sylvester AKA The Banana Cake Queen knows a lot about Cletus She’s a watcher like he is Jennifer is known for one thing and one thing only in Tennessee and that is being The Banana Cake Queen I’m the Banana Cake Queen I make other kinds of cake, but I’m famous for my banana cake I know this as fact because, when I’m introduced, it’s usually like this: “This is Jennifer Sylvester You know, the Banana Cake Queen? She’s famous for her banana cake.” But I digress 
 But here’s the thing… Jenn doesn’t want to be The Banana Cake Queen any She’s tired of living under her parent’s thumb and living and breathing the bakery and the image she must portray She wants to be herself She’d like to get married and one day have children But that will never happen with the way things are now Jennifer is desperate and the only person she knows can help her is Cletus Winston To get his help, she’ll need to beat him at his own game She needs to be just as conniving as he is Watching Cletus try to help Jennifer and slowly but surely falling for her was a sight to behold Cletus isn’t that man He’s sensible He doesn’t fall in love Well, at least he didn’t think he did Even though he and Jenn aren’t ‘suited’ in his opinion, she is so special he can’t help but develop feelings for her Clearly, my heart was a danger to itself and to me because Jennifer Sylvester and I were not suited, not at all 
I loved the way these two saw each other Jennifer saw Cletus for who he truly was And she saw past what everyone else did This series is amazing I love all things Penny Reid, but this one holds such a special place in my heart I love all these Winston siblings and can’t wait forto come from the brothers we have left They’re all different in their own ways, and that’s the very best part “Stay away from the normals.” “The normals?” “Yep.” She nodded once, the side of her mouth hitching in a way that reminded me of Cletus “Stay away from the normals, the smallminded people who fill their brains with smallminded pursuits, who blend in and keep up with the Joneses Those people will tear you down and make you boring Instead, surround yourself with the weirds With the misfits, oddballs, and outcasts Because the normals, bless their hearts, have no idea how to have fun.” If you’re looking for a book (or series) that’s clever, witty, fun, sweet, sexy and smart, this is the book for you! Penny truly delivers and Cletus does not disappoint! 5 Cletus, Winston Brothers, Reid Magical Stars* * * * * Spoiler FreeHoly Whiskers, It's on Kindle Unlimited!!!I have recently come to the realization that writers have access to another skill other than putting words together on a page and telling a story Some areattuned to this skill than others but all do it.and when it is done at its highest level.it is something that cannot be deniedIt is the ability to create magic! And one of the most proficient and artful users of this skill is Penny Reid Penny Reid takes her readers to a place and plops them fully into a mindset where they are in whichever location, with whoever is there and feeling all of the intricate emotions and nuances of whatever is happening with these characters It is an experience like none other for me because when reading Reid, my antenna automatically is raised higher of its own volition to capture all of the accompanying life lessons Reid inserts while weaving an easy to read and follow tale It never ceases to amaze me the way she is able to do this.Beard Science is technically the third Winston Brothers book; however, we were introduced to them in Beauty and the Mustache (Knitting in the City, #4; Winston Brothers, #0.5) Although it can be read as a standalone, I personally advise to truly experience everything that is Winston, to start with the first book I promise you will not be sorry For those of us who have been on this Winston journey, this book lives up to everything you wished for in your obsession with the snippets of Cletus from the other books From the start, Cletus was a scenestealer Reid introduced this brother who had a certain way of forming thoughtwho waited took a moment and then stated whatever he was saying in a way that answered the question or statement but meant The way he spoke could have sly humor or direct observations but always sounded purposeful Cletus was one of those people who wasthan what you gotand we loved it We would perk up every time he was on the pageand with each new entry of the Winston series, he had a bigger part to play For Cletus was the manipulator of the family He was the one who always looked to see all sides of a situation and figure out which would be the way to go for the best of the family, for the best outcome and for the future He was the brilliant scientist working every angle without having others know he was doing itexcept his family, of course So after the books introducing us to these fabulous Winston men and SisterReid graced us with our supreme desire; the love story of Cletus and Jennifer Sylvester Wait Who the hell is Jennifer Sylvester you may askWell, you and everyone else may know her as Tennessee’s reigning Banana Cake Queen Yes, that caricature of a person her parents created for their own selfish purposes They kept her captive throughout her childhood and into her adult life Were they derelicts or drug addictsno, they were regular people who had no regard for the lovely woman they raised to be obedient and selfsacrificing By only giving Jennifer credit for having an attractive face and figure and never appreciating her intelligence or merits in all the other interests she pursued, her family left her to see how empty her life was She was tired of being known as the Banana Cake Queen The Banana Cake Queen was this perfect Stepford woman in yellow 1950 dresses and heels, with bright blond hair and full makeup all the time She was the one who won all the baking contests at the fairs and was being promoted by her mother for a possible Food Network show Jennifer hated getting dressed this wayshe never had a chance, though As a little girl, she was put into beauty pageants With her father preaching the gospel to threaten rather than encourageand then with him always putting her down and telling her she will only be worth anything because she was easy on the eyes it was a wonder Jennifer developed into this person who had love and care in her heart Jennifer also had another interesting skill besides bakingJennifer was a people watcher Jennifer over the years learned how to blend into the background of any place she wasYou would think in her getup she had to wear, it would be the oppositebut because the community only thought of her as an entitynot actual living breathing personit was easy for them to forget she was actually thereAnd with this peoplewatching skill, she saw everythingInstructed by her pushy mother to get the testimonial for her cupcakes from the sheriff, Jennifer people watched how the police secretary ran the office and how people came in and out telling tales As she sat waiting, there was one person Jennifer never stopped watchingCletus Winston Cletus Winston was dangerousJennifer was an expert on how Cletus managed to do any number of things without anyone knowing She had observed time and time again how Cletus would act the simple personnodding or seeming interested in one thing while stealthy looking at something else with none the wiserAnd now he was here at the police station doing the exact same thing! As for Cletus, Jennifer was right on target Cletus prided himself on always being in control He had mastered all the necessary tools to handle any situation to his benefit He had the somber nod, the acknowledging nod, the tilt of a head look to inquire, and the yup that seems about right look All A Facade For Cletus never would let anyone know what he was planning or plottingwhether it was a use of blackmail to use itching powder to torture an enemy or other equally manipulative actions Cletus was his own puppetmaster But in all of these master plans, Cletus never used his power for true evilhe was a man focused for goodand the strength of his family The unique talents of these two, Cletus' stealth manipulations and Jennifer's quiet people watching observations, are the catalysts for the crux of this tale Jennifer's mother has pushed Jennifer to the brinkthe Food Network is interested in the Banana Queen in all her makeup, corseted dresses, and heels Jennifer wants nothing to do with it She hates being on film/tv and social media She has finally seen she has to do something and fate has handed her the tools to make it happen Jennifer finds the courage to confront Cletus with her power over him and it shocks the hell out of him Never had he truly assessed Jennifer, like most of the community As these two reach an agreement, Jennifer requesting Cletus to make her wishes to find an escape from her parents without alienating them, Cletus takes in who exactly Jennifer is.or who she could beThis is a love story to adore This is a story of two people who are perfect for each other During the course of looking for one thing, both find out the truths about themselves Cletus takes Jennifer on a selfdiscovery journeyand in doing so, Cletus discovers this wonder that is Jennifer If you have read any Reid, then you know how magical this type of journey can be She takes you through all of the stages of falling in loveall of the fun, the heart, the wonder of those precious moments which live in all of our personal memoriesShe taps into these things we know deep in our souls of how overwhelming these emotions can be Coupled with wit, insight to the human need for encouragement and recognition for merit, not appearances, and the overall great storytellingit is impossible to not appreciate the experience Also, Reid gives us characters of equals Although Jennifer has had arrested development of her personal style and interactions, she is strong to her core She has withstood emotional abuse from her father and misdirected love from her mother She came up with coping skills to manage her life and it is a credit to her innate spirit she is as loving and capable as she is Cletus is a man who has looked out for his family and fights the demons of rage on his own Brilliance is its own burden yet Cletus figured out how to use it while hiding it from everyone to see Beard Science is just as special as all the others with the added benefitit is the mysterious Cletus we finally learn ofHe Is Everything You thought He Would Be And More There will be threeWinston books coming and in this Beard Science, we hadinsight into Billy and Claire's storywhich will be a doozy We also were given a taste of Beau and a new love interest Roscoeour youngest may still be lookingI Cannot Wait for More Reid Magic Beauty and the Mustache (Knitting in the City4/Winston Brothers, #0.5) Truth or Beard (Winston Brothers, #1) Grin and Beard It (Winston Brothers #2) Beard Science (Winston Brothers #3) Beard in Mind (Winston Brothers, #4) Dr Strange Beard (Winston Brothers, #5) Beard with Me (Winston Brothers, #5.5) Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, #6) the series that started it all: Neanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting in the City, #1) Neanderthal Marries Human (Knitting in the City #1.5) Friends Without Benefits (Knitting in the City #2) Love Hacked (Knitting in the City, #3) and the Mustache (Knitting in the City, #4; Winston Brothers, #0.5) Happily Ever Ninja (Knitting in the City, #5) Datingish (Knitting in the City, #6) Marriage of Inconvenience (Knitting in the City #7) A gifted copy was provided by the Magician for an honest review ~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~Cletus I hear you pickin' that banjo and my feet are tappin' to the beatExcited to be that fly on the wall and watch you fall heart first for your woman ●•●•●•●•●•●•●Feb 17, 2015Cletus you take your timeI know when you see herAnd the plan is in placeThere will be no stopping you.ForReviews, Free Ebooks and Giveaways 5 STARS'Beard Science' was quite simply AMAZING! To say that I had high hopes for Cletus's book would be an understatement My anticipation level was off the charts And Penny Reid NAILED it! Cletus and Jennifer's story rocked my socks off I can't imagine this story going any other way I absolutely fell in love with Cletus and Jennifer Well, I was already in love with Cletus, but mostly as a quirky sidekick who would always keep me on my toes But Cletus in love brings it all to a whole new level Cletus meeting his match, losing control, and having his very determined and plotted course radically changed, all because a woman surprised him and blew him away now that's a whole new level of Cletus I love, Love, LOVED! What I really and truly loved about this novel was the gorgeous character development This wasn't some cardboard cutout romance where two people simply fell in love and had some fun events getting there These were two people whose lives radically changed But the fascinating part was that they didn't even know they needed to change Cletus was challenged by this woman who was far from his comfortable ideal Jennifer was challenged by this man who forced her to question the control she had over her life And the result was not only a couple in the beautiful depths of love, but two individuals who simply blossomed into new creations of themselves I could wax poetic about how much I loved Cletus and Jennifer.Why did this book have to end? I want to read about Cletus and Jennifer all the time! I want to readstories about them I want all the novellas and stories about them Wedding? Yes! Pregnant Jenn and doting Cletus? Yes please! Cletus as a dad trying to reason with a toddler? Definitely! All the mini Cletuses and Jenns gardening in their overalls? Yes yes yes!*************************************10/10/16 UPDATE! I FINISHED BEARD SCIENCE AND IT WAS AMAZING!!! IT DESERVES ALL THE SHOUTY CAPS!!! I WILL POST MY 5STAR REVIEW SOON, BUT I FELT LIKE SHOUTY CAPPING FIRST!!!Just finished it and I could not be happier! To say I had high hopes for Cletus's book would be an understatement Penny NAILED it!! I can't imagine this story any other way I absolutely fell in love with Cletus and Jennifer On a side note, thank you, Penny, for naming Cletus's love interest after me, wink wink ;)************************************PREBEARD SCIENCE EXCITEMENT:Is it too early to already have Cletus as my favorite?I can't wait for this book!!!Here are some of my favorite CLETUS QUOTES from the previous two WINSTON BROTHERS books to enjoy while we patiently wait for Cletus's book:From Truth or Beard :Stop it Cletus snapped his fingers in front of our faces I hate it when you two mindmeld through your eyeballs.He'll make problems for you, if he can, Cletus continued So just let me know if you need help making problems for him in return Just what is that supposed to mean? Just what I said Cletus shrugged, looking and sounding innocent That's one of the things about Cletus, he's real good at looking innocent Sometimes I forgot Cletus could spot a sneak so well because he was the king of sneaks I was just glad he was on my side this time.No I want you to seize Cletus dropped his hand on my shoulder and gave me a little shake You seize that woman You make her yours.Yes Cletus Winston's famous sausage is famous Cletus uncovered a heaping platter of raw sausage that he'd set next to the smoking grill These boys have been looking forward to my sausage allweeklong.Sitting so close to my sausage likely has you overheated and excited, Cletus mumbled as he indicated to the grill with his chin.But work up an appetite, woman Because you've never tasted fine meat until you've eaten my sausage.We were interrupted by a harsh whisper What are y'all thinking? We glanced up in unison Cletus's furious expression had an instantly sobering effect And besides, you interrupted my quiet time Jethro grimaced, shooting me a dirty stare which I returned and loudwhispered his response, Sorry, Cletus Cletus's hands were on his hips and he gave us both a hard look, his eyes sticking to me a bit longer than Jethro Take your fight outside And now you owe me pancakes, Duane Faulkner Winston, Cletus added with a reprimand whisper Blueberry pancakes Then he pivoted and disappeared down the upstairs hall I didn't know what Cletus did during his quiet time, but Beau seemed to think it was yoga.Cletus took three bites, making us all wait in suspense, and then asked, What I want to know is, why didn't you come to me in the first place? And also, how do you get these to be so darn fluffy? It's like eating a blueberry flavored cloud of awesome.You can't rush a duct tape purchase Duct tape is man's answer to electrons and protons It's how we keep matter together.Why are you wearing those stupid glasses, Cletus? You don't need glasses, Beau asked impatiently It's a fashion statement.That's silly string I glanced over my shoulder, watching the interaction between Cletus and one of the bikers patting us down What's it do? the biker asked It's silly, Cletus responded And it makes a mess.Duane, you're standing under the mistletoe, and you have pie I'd kiss you but I don't want our beards to tangle.*********************From Grin and Beard It :Just Cletus He said foyay and was most definitely a pretentious nut job.Cletus had been known to sell ourembarrassing pictures on stock photo sites.You know I don't like eating cakethan twice a month.Cletus shot her a confused glare It's not his fault he was conceived in July, even if it makes no sense They didn't get air conditioning in the cars or the house until 1997, so you know it couldn't have been pleasant.One thing I don't know is why you're drinking coffee from a Hello Kitty thermos Cletus sounded both interested and irked And why haven't you bought one for me? You know I like that Hello Kitty.Cletus was good company, just as long as he didn't have anything up his sleeve The problem was, Cletus usually had something or several somethings up his sleeve.Don't clutch your pearls at me, big brother Look at her, for hootenanny's sake She's got the hots for your ugly face, Lord help her And I know you've been thinking about her, judging by how long you took in the bathroomm this morning.You can stop panicking, Cletus I have the berries Oh, thank God Cletus held his chest and stumbled backward You should have livetweeted your progress I was near a fit.Like, if you could have a superpower, what would it be? I'd like to be able to fly, Cletus responded as though her question had been asked in earnest Not be invisible? Or read minds? Or be omniscient? Roscoe suggested.Cletus shook his head Certainly not That'd be redundant because I'm already all of those things.Come now, Jethro You should know by now, I've never required encouragement.Cletus had the tendency to take offense and make trouble if he wasn't given undivided attention.Fine Cletus acquiesced, banging the table once But don't make anyignorant statements unless you bring mecoffee I can't deal with ignorance without another cup of coffee.I'm watching you, sneak No miraculously 'finding' the mistletoe from last Christmas tonight, do you hear me? This question was aimed at Cletus, who widened his eyes innocently.I am affronted by your insinuation, he said, not sounding affronted.Cletus noted conversationally, If you come next Wednesday, I'll let you try my sausage.My sausage is no joke Cletus frowned, wagging his finger through the air like we were all juveniles.He plays banjo and is real judgmental of people who can't sing This one time he said, about a fella who was trying to jam with them, 'He couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.'When he was a kid, he was really mean Used to make other students cry He paused, obviously lost in a memory, and then added, He used to make his teachers cry, too.I still hadn't beaten the sh*t out of anyone, but the day was young And Cletus was a good fighter.As though reading my mind, Cletus stiffened You will do no such thing I haven't had breakfast yet, and this is my best smoking jacket.Cletus was right He was sneaky and sinister, mean even, but his word was sacred In the end, his meanness was why I ultimately trusted him to deal with Darrell.Now tell me what happened, he instructed, using a grandfatherly voice I lifted an eyebrow at him because I was fairly certain we were the same age And yet something about his somber expression and the brightness of his eyes made his appear so much older.Indiscriminate sex is like indiscriminate pie eating I might enjoy the pie, but then I find out it was baked in a dirty kitchen, drooled and sneezed on by nut jobs, baked by a nut job who wants me to eat her dirty pie every day Next thing you know I have a stalker, dysentery, and herpes just from one ignorant bite of pie I keep my kitchen clean and discriminate and so should my partner.Plus, I don't want someone telling me PopTarts are pie PopTarts aren't pie I can tell the difference I don't want a halfa$$ed baker.I like the idea of being with someone where we can both teach each other to cook new quality recipes.I'm after a woman who likes sex but doesn't put the lust part above the intelligence part.I have four rules Number one: don't invite a person into your body if you wouldn't invite her into your kitchen.Number two: the act needs to take place in a clean environment.Number three: precautions need to be taken to protect from disease and pregnancy.And Number four: don't ration the passion, i.e put your best f**k forward.Not many people knew, but Cletus had a terrible temper As a kid his tantrums were legendary, and as a teenager his rage made him blind He kept it all locked up now by making mental lists whenever he felt the urge to pummel someone Of course, he also hatched maniacal plans of revenge against anyone who crossed him Beau and I often considered giving Cletus a hairless cat as a present, so his James Bond supervillain image would be complete Don't you worry about [Darrell] He knows, as long as he's in prison, I can get to him.Although not in the same way, Cletus had lost just as much as me because of Darrell Winston But now I wondered what, specifically, Cletus had lost It must've been something substantial to fuel such hatred. I think I might be starting off on the wrong foot with this series, but the fact of the matter is that this was still a ball of sweetness and cuteness overload.The most astounding part of this book is the character development Seeing Jenn grow out of her Banana Cake Queen shell and become her own person was honestly quite empowering Of course, none of that would’ve happened without a little nudge nudge from a certain bearded man with a somber nod, Cletus.He surprised me I was expecting either a cocky arrogant bastard or a grump, but oh boy he was a delight Unassuming on the outside, but you really don’t wanna mess with him lest he’d spit in your coffee when you’re not looking I adored both Jenn and Cletus, but Jenn outshined him a little in my eyes.There was a lot going on with the brothers, and a few of them already had their own SO There was also this conflict with a biker gang, and Cletus’ plan to get revenge on his father? Idk The nonromance part of the story was hard to keep up with, and it made me think if I’d love the bookhad I started from the 1st installment.In any case, I don’t feel like I got enough of a lasting impression on the other brothers to want to read their books, but I won’t say no toJenn and Cletus content (Read as an Audiobook) 3.5 StarsThis was really cute.Penny Reid writes great quirky, period I always love her characters and their banter and all of the fun and unique elements to said characters and their stories She really is talented.That said, I also couldn't help but feel like I was left waiting the entire book for something to happen romancewise It took forever for them to finally get anywhere and sometimes Cletus'calculating thoughts took over what would have otherwise been heated scenes Still, overall an enjoyable read that I will probably reread again sometime. this one remains as hilarious as it was the first time I read it these books are so predictable and yet i am in so love with them I know they'll meet, they'll fight, and they'll fall in love before reaching that happily ever after But its the situations, and the dialogues, and the oh so lovely! writing that make this book so good I don't think i will get over this Cletus Winston and his lady love P.S: I just love how Penny Reid quotes different authors at the start of the every chapter they are absolutely beautiful. ..O Cletus, Cletusyou are the man Yep, Yep, I lurve me some Cletus Can Penny beon point? You know you're in the presence of a comedic genius when you read a book that makes you snortlaugh so hard you spit coffee at your ereader At Every Second Page.I was captivated by this book It oozed with witty and intelligent dialogue I have never aspired to write novels but if Penny Reid taught writing, I'd enroll in that class To say we've all been waiting for Cletus's story would be an understatement That man stole the spotlight in every book he's ever featured in We knew him as crafty, devious and possessing of an acerbic wit You could try to get one over on Cletus, but know it'd be at your peril He did nothing unless with an agenda even when relating to his beloved siblings He was a master puppet player, willing to misdirect while getting exactly his intended outcome Reading his inner musings was hilarious So many quotes from this man:“I only had time for twentyfour people (tops) in my life, and I already had six siblings Twentyfour people was an average of two birthdays a month Ain’t nobody got time forthan two birthday celebrations a month.” “I’d been grumbling and grimacing since she’d arrived Now was not a convenient time to have met my life partner I had too much to do, too many irons in the fire.” “I glared at him, not willing to explain the obvious Clearly my brother didn’t understand the concept of research: the value of gathering data, the necessity of testing theories, and the importance of postcoital analysis.” This man Who wore sardonic as if it were a second skin Who would be a match for this exasperating yet lovable man? I couldn't picture her, that is, until Jenn:1 People watcher and wallflower2 Baker extraordinaire and banana cake queen3 Desperately in need of a life outside of that which was crafted by her parents.And she just might be the only person, in their hometown, with enough intelligence to see through Cletus's shenanigans.“Cletus Winston was the sneakiest, most manipulative, most powerful, and—as far as I was concerned—the most dangerous man in East Tennessee Problem was, virtually no else seemed to realize it Everyone in town thought he was odd, but mostly harmless.Meanwhile, he blackmailed them into doing what he wanted, all the while tricking people into thinking it was their idea.I knew this because I was a people watcher.” It was hilarious yet beautiful to see the mighty C fall in love but he didn't disappoint us Be ready to add another name to your list of best ever book boyfriends! p.s I'd also like to add this; insomuch as I've been privileged to travel to some states in the US, I've never visited Tennessee Today however, I have placed Tennessee as number one on the list And yes dammit, it's to conduct scientific research and to see if there are any real life Winston guys out there *sigh* You're welcome. 5 **just perfect** STARS “You’ll know one day, Cletus You’ll discover what it’s like to find the other part of yourself You’ll know it’s her, only her, always her Maybe not right away, but eventually you’ll know She’ll be your beginning, middle, and end And your intentions won’t matter Love brings its own intentions, and all other plans, hopes, and dreams fade to insignificance in the face of love.” There really is no excuse for how late I am to write and post this review I went through my favourite reads for 2016 to prepare a post for the blog when I noticed I never posted my review Mea culpa I hope you can forgive me, because Beard Science and Penny Reid deserve all the praise in the world I loved, loved, loved this book.She has done it again For people who follow my reviews it probably won't come as a surprise when I love yet another Penny Reid book, but this one is special This is Cletus And we were all holding out for his story It just had to be right He was one of those characters who came into our lives as a sidenote, a brother of a main character in a previous book and ever since he has been a fan favouriteand a big personal favourite of mine I seriously don't envy authors who have the task of getting that right Fabulous one liners don't always translate into a full novel, but Cletus did and Penny killed it Not only with the Winston brother, but also with his love interest An all around win.So yes, AWESOME book!Let's talk a little about the storyJennifer Sylvester, also known as the Banana Cake Queen is a perfect cliche created by her parents Dressed like a 60s housewife, slaving at the bakery, making cake and behaving just the way her parents want her to With no way out Until one day she witnesses something that gives her the perfect knowledge to make some changes in her life “Cletus Winston was the sneakiest, most manipulative, most powerful, and—as far as I was concerned—the most dangerous man in East Tennessee Problem was, virtually no else seemed to realize it Everyone in town thought he was odd, but mostly harmless Meanwhile he blackmailed them into doing what he wanted, all the while tricking people into thinking it was their idea.” Cletus Winston is used to be in control Mostly silent and underestimated by those around him, he uses knowledge, and sometimes even blackmail to stay on top, and to move things in his favour Quite often using his powers for goodoccasionally for evil, when it suits him Until the Banana Queen comes into his live and turns the tables on him Interesting things ensue “No one person person should be allowed to be that pathologically intelligent and oppressively handsome.” I simply loved everything about this story The quirky characters, the engaging storyline A kickass heroine, who isthan a match for the often mysterious Cletus It was simply a joy to read There really isn't muchI can sayexceptREAD THE BOOK if you haven't already, IT WASFUCKING AWESOME!!Thank you, Penny, for writing the book Cletus deserved and for giving him a heroine who could measure up to his level of awesomesauce After months of finishing I still think about them ever so often Pure heaven in a book.**ARC very kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review.