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(DOWNLOAD KINDLE) á Bajo un Millon de Sombras = Born Under a Million Shadows á The Taliban have disappeared from Kabul s streets, but the long shadows of their brutal regime remain In his short life eleven year old Fawad has known grief than most his father and brother have been killed, his sister has been abducted, and Fawad and his mother, Mariya, must rely on the charity of family to eke out a hand to mouth existence.Then Mariya finds a position as housekeeper for a charismatic western woman, Georgie, and Fawad dares to hope for an end to their struggle He soon discovers that his beloved Georgie is caught up in a dangerous love affair with the powerful Afghan warlord Haji Khan, a legendary name on the streets of Kabul At first resentful of Haji Khan s presence, Fawad learns that love can move a man to act in surprising ways, and an overwhelming act of generosity persuades him of the warlord s good intentions.But even a man as influential as Haji Khan can t protect Fawad from the next tragedy to blight his young life, a tragedy so devastating that it threatens to destroy the one thing Fawad thought he could never lose his love for his country.