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A good, fast thriller with characters you get involved with, but one of the worst endings I ve ever read. An engrossing mystery thriller I had to suspend disbelief a bit, but I clearly didn t mind since I found it hard to put the book down Note I know the author I feel that this didn t affect my judgment, though, since if I don t care for a book I don t finish it, no matter who wrote it, and I certainly don t read it all at once I only do that with books I truly enjoy. @Download Book ⚠ Bad Chemistry à Chaos Theory is the electrifying new thriller from Gary Krist, a brilliant and chilling journey through the streets of Washington, DC where innocence and corruption collide Promising start, disappointing finish. Murder mystery, not bad. Not bad, kind of an in the airport type thriller paperback book. Smart mystery about a missing husband involved in a designer drug scheme. 1998 This was a good book A well written suspense I enjoyed it The only thing I didn t really understand is why the author chose he ending he did I didn t care for it and it didn t make sense Other than that, it s obvious that Krist is a wonderful author. Fast easy read.