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!Download Book ♃ Autobiography / Poor Richard / Later Writings ♌ Note When first issued, the Library of America edition of Franklin s Writings was collected in one large volume later, it was published as two separate volumes Writing has been of Great Use to me in the Course of my Life, Benjamin Franklin said in his famous Autobiography With characteristically calculated understatement, he attributed his enormous and varied successes to my having learnt a little to scribble This Library of America collection of Franklin s works begins with letters sent from London 1757 1775 describing the events and diplomacy preceding the Revolutionary War The volume also contains political satires, bagatelles, pamphlets, and letters written in Paris 1776 1785 , where he represented the revolutionary United States at the court of Louis XVI, as well as his speeches given in the Constitutional Convention and other works written in Philadelphia 1785 1790 , including his last published article, a searing satire against slavery.Also included are the delightfully shrewd prefaces to Poor Richard s Almanack 1733 1758 and their worldly, pungent maxims that have entered our American culture Finally, the classic Autobiography, Franklin s last word on his greatest literary creation his own invented personality is presented here in a new edition, completely faithful to Franklin s manuscript.A companion volume includes the complete Silence Dogood series, Busy Body essays, and a generous selection of his early writings, including letters to the press, satires, and pamphlets. Makes you feel really unaccomplished and stupid. Franklin s attempt at self control and self discipline are inspiring One of the most eye opening books about self motivation and wanting to be a better person I ve ever read I wish there were leaders in this country today with that kind of self discipline A true hero. Benjamin Franklin was an amazing American who had numerous inventions and helped to develop the system of government that would run this country. Very enjoyable and entertaining Don t let the length of the book put you off, its not a difficult read. I am a huge admirer of Ben Franklin I am always reading his writings. A great book for understanding the genesis of American thought Franklin influences our lives in countless ways, and that idea is evident on every page of this autobiography. A huge ego, but a very likable man One of the Founding Fathers, Franklin s wit and wisdom propelled him upon the world scene Very enjoyable. Bought this to have a hrdbound copy of the Autobiography of Ben Franklin, which I ve read several times in paperback Outstanding, both for personal professional development, and for a uniquely personal albeit occasionally self serving view of early American history Especially of note is his discussion of his lifelong effort to attain moral perfection through attaining the thirteen virtues he describes The method he used, and recommends, is a wonderful way for anyone to build competence, strength, or knowledge Must read, for virtually anyone