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#FREE ⚷ Appassionato ¼ Destiny was his mistressand legend was his inheritance One man stands as a giant among the men of Sicily, despite a conspiracy of silence and secrecy Alessandro SalvatoreThis is his turbulent and passionate storyan extraordinary man who has been described as a bandit, a cold blooded killer, a traitor Those who know the truth, however, whisper of him and his adventures with great aw and respect For them he was a latter day Robin Hood, a prince of justice, a true hero who brought law and order to a corrupt and chaotic landHere, then, the the quintessential man Strong yet compassionate, the man women dream of, the man other men respect, follow or hate Here is an unforgettable portrait of a man in love, in all of its sweetest innocence, and in smoldering primitive sensualityIntrigue, romance, violence and passion take on vivid new dimensions in this exciting novel of authentic historical storytelling this poignantly proves that our heroes are not dead, but live forever, alive in the hearts of the people they have touched Own a copy1015 pages gasp 0