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1 All the World s a Stage 2 The Lovers Dance 3 It s Complicated 4 Fuck It 5 This is a Death Story 6 But Still There is Levin s Love 7 A Slut in Society 8 Play On A brisk retelling of Tolstoy s novel by a master of adaptation This printed version of Stoppard s screenplay is based primarily on his first draft Surprisingly, the most unusual element of the film staging the entire thing as if it took place in a theater was the addition of director Joe Wright. {Free Pdf} â Anna Karenina: The Screenplay õ WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY TOM STOPPARDOur most esteemed living playwright adapts the most famous love story ever written in the screenplay for the new Focus Features film Anna Karenina, directed by Joe Wright, starring Keira Knightley and Jude LawTolstoy s brilliant novel, tracing the tragic love affair between Count Vronsky and the unhappily married Anna, has moved readers for generations Now, award winning playwright Tom Stoppard re imagines what Vladimir Nabokov called one of the greatest love stories in world literature for the screen In an impeccable match of talent between source and adaptation, Stoppard projects Tolstoy s powerful contrasts between city and country, love and death, happiness and unhappiness The result is beautiful, stirring, and at once old and new A special introduction by Stoppard offers a glimpse into the process behind his remarkable interpretation