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@Read Ebook ò Angry Sea, Hidden Sands è When Uncle Three s boat disappears in the South China Sea, an undersea grave robbing adventure begins for Fats, Poker face and Uncle Three s long suffering nephew While searching for their reprobate leader, they find themselves lost in a labyrinth of shifting rooms and pursued by two monsters that are as tenacious as they are deadly.Who can be trusted Who is lying Answers to these questions shift and change as quickly as the rooms that imprison the gang of grave robbers Rapidly each of them realizes nobody is to be relied on and that the truth is harder to find than any tomb s treasure trove or the enigmatic and elusive Uncle Three This second volume of The Grave Robbers Chronicles continues the fast paced horror saga that began in Cavern of the Blood Zombies, filled with humor, history, and a black hearted femme fatale who is definitely out for blood.Soon to be followed by the third volume of The Grave Robbers Chronicles, Angry Sea, Hidden Sands is a mystery as well as a gripping adventure story As ensnaring as the homicidal hair on the head of the Forbidden Lady, it s bound to keep readers in place until the last plot twist has been played out and the very last page has been turned.