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|Read Epub ó American Pie: Slices of Life (and Pie) from America's Back Roads Ø Crossing class and color lines, and spanning the nation Montana has its huckleberry, Pennsylvania its shoofly, and Mississippi its sweet potato, piereal, homemade piehas meaning for all of us But in today's treadmill, takeout worldour fastfood nationdoes pie still have a place?As she traveled across the United States in an old Volvo named Betty, Pascale Le Draoulec discovered how merely mentioning homemade pie to strangers made faces soften, shoulders relax, and memories come wafting back Rambling from town to town with Le Draoulec, you'll meet the famous, and sometimes infamous, pie makers who share their stories and recipes, and find out how a quest for pie can lead to something else entirely The quintessential road trip across America, this one dedicated to PIE berry, icebox, custard and cream Kind of like Thelma and Louise but not as crazy Kind of like Miles and Jake, but not as disaffected Nice insights into vanishing America, the art and craft of pie disappearing with the death of the diner, the loss of the last generation but hope in odd places like Pie Town New Mexico, Georgia and Michigan The aimless trip through upstate New York and New England, when Pascale and boyfriend inserted themselves into someone else's Thanksgiving dinner was certainly odd Lots of unusual pies and recipes. Happy Pie Day tomorrow, everyone! I’ll be offline so I thought I’d post today This was one of my earlier goodreads reviews and I still think fondly of this book In light of the current situation, at least I have this happy thought to think back on and to remind me of what is great about the country I live in I initially found this book on the recommendation shelf at the library Although I am not a general reader of light memoirs, I decided to pick this up none the less Pascale Le Draoulec was raised in a French American household near Los Angeles, never celebrated the Fourth of July or Thanksgiving, and had never eaten a slice of pie until college Suddenly she finds herself changing jobs and moving from San Francisco to New York and decides to take three weeks and drive crosscountry searching for the perfect piece of pie in each state along the way With assistance from a friend and Betty her stationwagon the journey begins Once reaching New York and settling in, however, LeDroulec feels that she did not experience all that Americana has to offer so she took another journey across the lower 48 states with the same friend in a new stationwagon named Betty Blue with a rolling pin atop the back license plate On this trek the ladies sample pumpkin, cherry, apple, blueberry, pecan, and every other pie imaginable They are invited into homes and women and a few men take the time to chat with them about why their pie is special and of course each piece tastes like a slice of heaven Not only does LeDraoulec find perfect pieces of pie, she witnesses what makes up the fabric of America as a unique melting pot culture, something she lacked growing up in a Francophile home I found this book refreshing as I had to relax thinking about the time it takes to prepare a pie What LeDraoulec observed is that the majority of pie bakers are older women and the craft might unfortunately die with them In this age of social media and 24 hour news cycles, no one has time to bake any I hope this isn't necessarily the case, but even myself, a gourmet style cook, usually buys readymade pie shells as opposed to making my own Perhaps I should take a step back, breathe in Americana, and wake up one day and prepare that perfect pie shell After all, LeDraoulec includes most of the recipes for the pies she samples on her quest to find the perfect slice 4 mouth watering stars A trip through the small side roads of the US in search of pie, pie makers, pie stories, pie recipes and pie bowls.Not for everyone, this book rambles and doubles back on itself, but it is a lovely experience for a pie lover.Now I need to get my hands in the dough!Two people have asked to borrow the book from me and I am feeling reluctant to part with the book I wrote my name in the cover These two things have made me change my rating from 4 stars to 5 stars. The proud owner of this book thanks to Brina This pie recipe book makes for great reading , it is a travelogue plus recipe book and each state pie has a story attached to it I have made several of the pies and all a delicacy , love it !