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!Download Book ♰ Always the Last to Know ☧ Sometimes You Have To Break A Family To Fix It From New York Timesbestselling Author Kristan Higgins, A New Novel Examining A Family At The Breaking Point In All Its Messy, Difficult, Wonderful Complexity The Frosts Are A Typical American Family Barb And John, Married Almost Fifty Years, Are Testy And Bored With Each Otherwho Could Blame Them After All This Time At Least They Have Their Daughters Barb S Favorite, The Perfect, Brilliant Juliet And John S Darling, The Free Spirited Sadie The Girls Themselves Couldn T Be Different, But At Least They Got Along, Or Less It Was Fine It Was EnoughUntil The Day John Had A Stroke, And Their House Of Cards Came Tumbling DownNow Sadie Has To Put Her Career As A Teacher And Struggling Artist In New York On Hold To Come Back And Care For Her Beloved Dad And Face The Love Of Her Life, Whose Heart She Broke, And Who Broke Hers Now Juliet Has To Wonder If People Will Notice That Despite Her Perfect Career As A Successful Architect, Her Perfect Marriage To A Charming Brit, And Her Two Perfect Daughters, She S Spending An Increasing Amount Of Time In The Closet Having Panic AttacksAnd Now Barb And John Will Finally Have To Face What S Been Going On In Their Marriage All AlongFrom The Author Of Good Luck With That AndLife And Other Inconveniences Comes A New Novel Of Heartbreaking Truths And Hilarious Honesty About What Family Really Means I m a huge Kristan Higgins fan, and so I jumped at the chance to read Always the Last to Know Though I ve enjoyed other recent books from her , I found Always the Last to Know extremely hard to put down.What Kristan Higgins always does so well is make multi faceted characters who are not simply likable unlikable I had mixed emotions about each character, and I found that the author treated each one with empathy and realism I was riveted by the story, honestly, and found that it got better and better as it went along It started off a bit slowly, but it picked up towards the end and became extremely engaging My one real sticking point is that I didn t like the switch from 1st to 3rd person between chapters I found it to be pretty jarring, though I think the author did it to differentiate between the voices Still, an odd choice I also found the chapters from the father s perspective to be a bit too sentimental Overall, just as tight, well edited, and interesting as I was expecting Kristan Higgins is a pro and continues to show us why with each book goodreads instagram twitter blog I love this heart melting, tear jerker, emotional, riveting and realistic family story You can find a part of yourself written in this story The dynamics between mothers and daughter, daughter with father are so familiar So far I think this is one of my favorite Kristan Higging s books tells about life, happiness, dreams, realities, betrayal, lies, thin red line between life and death, childhood sweethearts, resentments, infertility, lack of communication The story is told by POVS of four different members of the family Barb mother, wants a divorce after living with her husband like two strangers in the same house for last 10 years She has so many resentments about her marriage, about their shared life and the anger, frustration she has bottled up for years are about to come out with explosive burst out When she is about to tell her decision, she finds out her husband at the hospital, he had a stroke and he is in critical condition And the last stab wound comes as she also finds by husband s text messages that he has a mistress for so long Dammit Shame, anger, desperation hit her face She has to keep it to herself Her daughters cannot find out Juliet She s mother s favorite, successful architect with two daughters, adorable husband She is responsible, perfectionist, dependable but yes now she s 42 and competing 10 years younger nemesis colleague who takes entire credit from her own hard work, dealing with animosity of her teenage daughter who hit the puberty, suffering from panic attacks Yes, she was my less likeable character I found her parts of the story not so interesting but she has an important part for family dynamics that I have to admit Sadie 31, free spirited, joyful artist, living in big apple, dating with gorgeous rich boyfriend but her dreams become a successful painter slowly fades away and she faces with the reality and gets a teaching job at Bronx She never gets over her ex Noah, childhood sweetheart, two times proposed her before Now she proposes her new boyfriend, she gets rejection and after hearing that her father s stroke, she has to go back to her hometown and face her past, including seeing Noah having a baby I have to admit I enjoyed Noah and Sadie s heartbreaking, emotional love story so much and I wished they had their own book I felt like their story is told too fast like watching a summary of series entire season in 5 minutes I couldn t absorb their angst, despair, emotional breakdowns Two people madly love each other but want different things from life but unfortunately they keep finding each other for breaking hearts Wow Yes I rooted for these stubborn, passionate characters And John, father of the family, seems like the villain of the story The cheater and the responsible of his wife s unhappiness Some of you may think he got what he deserved We got some parts of his story and his thoughts about his loved ones in pieces because the author gives us a tour of a man s brain suffering from stroke, barely gathering his thoughts, feelings He barely forms words to communicate with people That s true he is bad husband and he had soft spot on Sadie, teamed up with her against his wife and Juliet But as you read parts about family story you start to understand, there are so many unsaid words, misunderstandings drifted them apart And you also start to get that each of the parties can make mistakes to ruin a long term commitment and without coming clear about your feelings, you never find your own happiness Overall I wish there were three different books because all those POVS deserved to be told separately There are so many good three unique stories belong to three women here But I still loved the author s way of telling things genuinely from her heart and of course I liked my journey to a family s impeccably depicted and heartwarming, poignant story So it deserved my solid 4 stars Special thanks to NetGalley and Berkley for sharing this meaningful ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review It is always pleasure to read Kristan Higgins amazing stories. I loved Good Luck With That I have read several other of Higgins books and none have compared to Good Luck With That Always the last to know seemed to drag on it was slow going I had to push through to the end to find out about Noah and Sadie.I gave this book 3 stars.The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own. 4.5 5 starsAlways the Last to Know is a family drama that I would classify as Women s Fiction.I love Kristan Higgins so much This book was one of my most anticipated reads of 2020 I was so beyond excited to read this book that I decided to read it over my birthday weekend.It is the story of a family s struggles when something happens to the patriarch of the family.The main narrators are Barb, Sadie and Juliet a mother and two daughters.Sadie 30 and Barb are 1st person POVs, while Juliet 42 is a 3rd person POV Sadie is an art teacher at a Catholic school in New York City Juliet is a successful architect with two young daughters The mom Barb is first selectman of a small town in Connecticut.The beginning of this book was really good Something happens to the husband father And that becomes one of the focal points of the story It was fascinating to see how differently the three women acted during this difficult time.This book really focuses on the relationships in the family And the struggles that each family member is facing The mom has one favorite daughter The dad has another favorite daughter This is a key issue in the book I ve never read a book where it was that obvious that each parent preferred a different child The impact that this had on the parents and on each daughter was very compelling.Juliet is very accomplished But she has panic attacks And she is also dealing with the politics at work I was very intrigued by the dynamics at Juliet s job Especially how it ended up towards the end of the book I m not sure why, but I really did not see that coming.Barb has been married for 50 years But does she want to be This was such an important part of this book And it was definitely interesting to see what Barb was thinking and feeling and why.Sadie has a high school sweetheart, Noah But she also has a rich boyfriend in NYC She hates her home town and never wanted to return She has dreamed of becoming an accomplished painter The two sisters could not be opposite I found Sadie to be a very complex character She was not necessarily totally likable at times But I really enjoyed reading about her I was especially interested in the art that she sold.I wasn t really sure where this story was going to go It s about three women in a family There is betrayal There is family drama There is some romance There is friendship And everything just works.Kristan Higgins has written a moving, touching story of a family in crisis It read like realistic fiction The last half of the book was really strong I could not put it down.Thank you to edelweiss and Berkley for allowing to read this book This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2020. I really enjoy Kristan Higgins books.I liked the 4 different POVs in this one, but Sadie was the shining star out of the group I would happily have read a book just completely from her perspective I know that Barb is the wronged woman here, but she was a very unsympathetic character I didn t particularly care for her.And while I didn t quite love this book as much as others, I still really enjoyed it 4 solid stars. Kristan Higgins has written another feel good novel Her characters are always finely drawn, and there is usually something to make you laugh Sadie, who teaches art in a small Catholic school in New York, was determined to escape the small town in Connecticut where she grew up Her sister Juliet, the overachiever and Mom s favorite, is a successful architect Sadie is devastated when she learns that her father has had a stroke and a resulting brain injury, so she returns home to help her mom with his care Mom, Barb, learns that her husband had been having an affair, and the scene where she and her best friend, Caro, confront the woman is hilarious Sadie also has a great scene confronting and ditching a cheating boyfriend Higgins creates characters you care about, and skillfully weaves their disparate personalities and lives into an enjoyable story Thanks to the publisher and to Netgalley for this ARC. I love Higgins books, they are always so relatable, fun, humorous and full of all the feels It s with little trepidation that I pick one up, even ones that seem different from her happily ever after norms.Which is why I didn t even hesitate to pick this up and give it a go and while I did like it, I sadly didn t connect with it in my usual way.Was it the characters that were a little harder to love than usual Was it the different POVs I m honestly not sure because why I could relate on some levels to what some of these women were going through, I found them very hard to love and sometimes even like and I m not going to lie, that threw me I always love her characters so I wasn t expecting to not fall immediately in love with all these characters but I guess, it happens right This isn t a bad book and it isn t even a bad story about three very different women and one very broken man but..it lacked something Feeling A connection that we all crave with stories like this one and so, it wasn t a favorite, it was still good though and one that I think others may connect with and love than I did ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. A Bumpy Ride that Caught Me Off Guard 3.5 starsThe heart wants what the heart wants, and the heart can be a real idiot Always the Last to Know is a family drama about a family struggling in the wake of a tragedy The Frost women, Barb the mother , Juliet perfect first daughter , and Sadie youngest daughter and black sheep , are forced to come together when John Frost husband to Barb and father to Juliet and Sadie has a stroke.Told through the alternating POV s of Barb, Juliet, Sadie, and John, this book elicited a range of emotions from annoyance, to laughter, to tears, to finally happiness I had a bit of a hard time for about the first half of this book I wasn t connecting with the characters, Barb s voice was annoying me, Juliet s problems were making me roll my eyes, and Sadie, whose story I found to be the most interesting, was grating on my nerves All three women, as much as I wanted to love them, felt like clich d characters that I met in other books I don t know if it is because of COVID that I responded to their characters this way, or if I would have responded this way had the world been normal It wasn t until I got to a part of the book involving Barb and her best friend Caro, that I found myself laughing out loud and starting to enjoy these characters Then I reached another moment which caught me off guard and caused me to burst into tears, and then another scene that made me smile In the end, I grew to love Sadie, Juliet, John, and Barb, but it took a lot for me to get there.While the storylines are a bit predictable, the characters have much depth to them than it initially seems They develop, grow, and learn from their mistakes, and the reader must remain patient to see their journeys evolve.While there are a host of themes explored in Always the Last to Know, including marriage, friendship, betrayal, and success, the overarching theme is love the love between parents and children, love between siblings, romantic love, and the love that grows out of friendship What this book has to say about love resonated with me While it took me a bit of time to connect with the characters, and it was a bit of a rocky ride, in the end, this book left me feeling warm and fuzzyLove didn t have to be romantic to encircle you in its arms It didn t have to make your heart race or your toes curl Love could be just this, the sound of laughter on a warm night, the absolute comfort of being exactly who you were with the person who knew you inside and out I received an ARC of this book from Edelweiss and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Ever have one of those weeks where you know you need your next book to be a guaranteed 5 star Well, given the current international pandemic, this was definitely one of those weeks and for me, Kristan Higgins is ALWAYS a 5 star read for me Always the Last to Know was certainly no exception.Higgins is at her best here in what she does best family drama, enough to pull at our heartstrings while also restoring our faith in humanity simultaneously Juliet and Sadie are two sisters who couldn t be different and have quite different relationships with their parents as well, however, everything they know will be tested when their father John Frost suffers a stroke but no one is shocked than John s wife Barb who quickly discovers text messages from John s mistress while he is in the hospital With a lot of laughs, some crying and a whole lot of heart, Always the Last to Know is a wonderful book that truly makes me appreciate writers and their words than ever during stressful times.Thank you to Berkley for an advanced copy All opinions are my own.