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haven t read a Harlequin in a few years and this was a great way to get back into it loved it I found it heart warming #EBOOK È Always Florence ñ Not even love can keep her from her dream Bobbie Molloy s dream to paint in Florence gave her the strength to battle cancer Now that she s recovering, and just weeks away from leaving for Italy, she won t let anything or anyone stop her from making that dream come true Not even Nate Raleigh From the moment he rushes in to save what s left of her studio after his young nephews had inadvertently trashed it next door neighbor Nate has Bobbie intrigued Everything about him is complex and endearing two excellent reasons to keep her distance She can t risk getting involved when she s just passing through Her dream has kept her alive and it has to come first No matter what the cost. Sweet, enjoyable story. The ending wasn t my favorite but I enjoyed this book overall. Always Florence by Muriel JensenI love the characters in this book The little boys Dylan and Sheamus who have lost their parents are so real my heart went to them They have gone to live with their Uncle Nate, the hero in the story who up until his brother and sister in law were killed lived a single life and enjoyed every minute of it Now the three of them are learning to live together as a family when the boys meet new neighbor Bonnie Molloy, a recovering cancer patient by wrecking her art studio and the book just keeps getting better and better as you read I gave it 5 stars.The is a second one out called Love Me Forever which I won from Good Reads and will be reading it next.I want to thank Muriel Jensen for her kindness in sending me both the first and second books in this stand along series Great read