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3 stars for story 1 star for ebook editingFirst book I ve read by this author I thought it was just okay The e book or could be every book version was the worse I ve come across No separation from different conversations in book Needed spacing and More chapter separations instead of continual run on. Wonderful story about a gold mining town and its colorful people.Hope there will bebooks about the town Eureka and its townspeople. private detective,celebrity hiding, contest won, missing child found exciting events happen in Eureka, CO So sad this is the last Eureka book These are gems. ( READ DOWNLOAD ) ☧ Above It All ☯ Welcome to Eureka, Colorado, a small town with a big heart and a cast of characters as homespun as their community and as beloved as familyWith preparations for the annual Founder s Day pageant underway, Eureka is bustling with activity when bank teller Shelly Frazier s sister shows up with a reporter in tow Shelly has a past no one in Eureka knows about, except her husband Charlie and she s not eager to share it now that she s made a whole new life for herself as a wife, mother, and enthusiastic volunteer for the local historical society That said, if anyone is going to tell the story of her days as a media darling, it will be Shelly herself But she s not the only one wrestling with questions or looking for answersWhile a private investigator is looking for clues to the whereabouts of the swindler mayor Lucille used to date, Maggie Clark is wondering if new husband Jameso is really ready for a lifetime commitment And Cassie Wynock is all too willing to share her family s history with the wider world Soon enough, the entire town of Eureka will also have to face its past caverns, ghosts, and all to understand where the future is going to take them