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@Read Book Ð AAVARTI: The Consciousness Theory ⚦ Everything around us is moving We are linked to larger universe Neurons directs our body to move Consciousness is outcome of space time fabric interplay with our mind We are a toy in hand of nature Sun and Planet s movement around us dictate our emotions We emote and react to the events This book is just to understand how particle, mind, emotions, or planets , move us , what could be possible mechanism We are tiny quantum computer Consciousness is collection of thinking quantas which are interlink with space time movement Quantum entangled particles give us sense of identity and purpose Space time fabric stress , bend, or twist to give us mood and emotions Consciousness is a thought factory It is hard to stop Peace or zero entropy is difficult to achieve in volatile world Meditation is a need in stressful life Physics works on particle duality Do emotions behave same way as two polar particles behave Why eclipses are so hard to handle Eclipses are extreme gravity conditions which twist consciousnesses , and we react to external events Sir Roger Penrose, famous mathematician, has been advocating for space time and consciousness link Can astrology provide the missing link We need one integrated theory to answer larger question why we exists