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Short but concise guide to Boston s history Because it is so abbreviated, it must skip over many of the human stories that make history so fascinating, but this book presents profiles of the historical characters along the way, and also features a good number of illustrations It outlines Boston history from colonial inception through relatively modern day It s a good survey to introduce this colorful town s history. I just moved to Boston, so I thought this would be a good read for getting to know some of the history I found it useful, but honestly a bit too short There are SO many 20th century topics he glossed over immigration, social problems, etc I really liked the book but now I want to know A very short and highly readable introduction to Boston s storied history The author highlights major events from the city s founding in 1630 to modern times, highlighting various notable personalities from politics, the arts, and sports along the way Boston s complex history of race relations is briefly explored, as is the struggle of immigrants to assimilate a conversation that continues to this day. A synoptic view of the history of Boston, with plenty of archival photos, sidebar information, and quotations from famous and not so famous Bostonians A good, early orientation for gaining an overview of Boston s long and storied history. Wonderful preparation for a trip to Boston. Easy to read, short but informative Exactly what I was looking for. Good quick book to get a glimpse into the History of Boston There is not much to say about this book It is a good overview of Boston history Read it if you want to develop a foundation for understanding the local history of Boston. (FREE PDF) Ì A Short History of Boston ⚤ Untiland the publication of A Short History of Boston, there was no good short history of the city of Boston, not in print anyway With economy and style, Dr Robert Allison brings Boston history alive, from the Puritan theocracy of the seventeenth century to the Big Dig of the twenty first His book includes a wealth of illustrations, a lengthy chronology of the key events in four centuries of Boston history, and twenty short profiles of exceptional Bostonians, from founder John Winthrop to heavyweight champion John L Sullivan, from heretic Anne Hutchinson to Russian American author Mary Antin Says the Provincetown Arts, A first rate short history of the city, lavishly illustrated, lovingly written, and instantly the best book of its kind 100 pages of history, biography, geography, politics, entertainment architecture 100 pages of history, biography, geography, politics, entertainment architecture