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📚REVIEWCONFESSION🤐🎯🔪I picked this one up because the synopsis reminded me of that Korean film where a serial killer discovered that his daughter's boyfriend was also a serial killer, upon which he decided to do away with that boyfriend, so to speak Now before anybody gets too excited: it was the prospect of two serial killers up against each other Confession: I'd always be interested in that.From the 📚:●It’s my conception of life that makes me so special Or immoral Or cruel Whatever you want to call it I’m cynical and I have good foresight.●Here’s a tip, in case you ever get the urge yourself to become a halfway decent criminal: to be successful, a killer needs to be a social chameleon.🎯🔪The book follows a serial killer nicknamed by media as The Artist who artistically leaves sketches of grand monuments on victims' abdomens A new murder occurs, and is attributed by police as The Artist's fifth known killing, but The Artist himself is surprised outraged because this latest art display is not actually his own So he sets out to discover whether it is a trap, an accident, or if there is a copycat to be hunted down.🎯🔪The Artist is Achilles Clazay: a successful salesperson I enjoyed following him seek out his potential copycat He dons other personas for sticky situations, such as befriending the police officer in charge There are snippets of his past, which explain and deepen And although there isn't much seen of his normal life back home as he zigzags France, one thing is that his partner, lovely Claire, does have the traits which he prefers in all his human canvas 👀☑️Writing: The translation was 👍💘.☑️Plot: I wantedto be honest, but I still liked how it went I was invested in who the potential copycat was (or at all?) and if Clazay was right.☑️Character: Solid Reasonably paranoid, meticulous, deceptively harmless MC.☑️A decent amount of killing took place 😶.4🌟Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this ebook version of advance reader copy.#lucatahtieazym #alexandramaldwyndavies #akillersgame #crimefiction #crimebooks #frenchtranslated #bookstagram #octoberread #readerofinstagram #netgalley #bookreview #ebook #arc #memoirofamurderer #serialkiller The story was good but I think something may have been lost in translation I love a good serial killer mystery I really looked forward to this book, but it wasn't as good as I had hoped. &DOWNLOAD ↡ A Killer's Game ☟ ‘I’m a killer, an assassin, a murderer, a criminal But above all, I’m an artist’France,Achilles Clazay is a successful and charismatic businessman who is adored by his partner and respected by his colleagues He is also a talented artist who lives for his workHis latest project is Françoise Laville and she’s gagged in the shower, about to die Because Achilles is the notorious serial killer who has been carving great works of art into the ‘canvas’ of his victims’ skin for five yearsBut a copycat murder soon changes everything in his brutally ordered life Naturally, Achilles is enraged by his imitator and will stop at nothing to find him He is a practised hunter, but the hunt for the imposter will reveal dark secrets even he couldn’t have dreamt of Will he survive the chase?