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(Download Kindle) ⛄ A Grizzly End ì A Grizzly End is the modern story of animal rights, hunting ethics, environmental awareness, skullduggery and murder in Alaska, the Last Frontier Darci LeBlanc, an accomplished artist, travels to Alaska to explore the Kenai Peninsula for a vacation property to buy Her friend Jean comes along for the ride, having been recently divorced from Matt Conti who is an insecure, controlling man on the verge of becoming physically abusive When the women arrive in Deerfield, they discover that a gigantic brown bear is terrorizing the entire community, killing and eating its human victims Local residents, Charlie and Phil Baker are brothers who run guided hunts for tourists When Charlie and Darci meet, they are immediately attracted to each other, however it is not long before they butt heads over the animal rights vs hunting argument The Kenai Estates is a new development of town houses on the edge of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge It promises to be a hit with the rich and famous but a local animal rights activist named Gibson has other plans for the place Matt Conti follows the women to Alaska and begins to stalk them, ultimately intercepting them in the bush while they are on a sponsored hike He hooks up with Gibson and together, they cause double the mayhem Six people and a dangerous brown bear are on a collision course in the primeval forests of the Kenai Peninsula When the moment of confrontation arrives, Darci is forced to make a decision that will change her life forever