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~FREE PDF ♢ A Critical Handbook of Children's Literature ⚆ Unlike an anthology of children s literature, which includes only chapters or summaries, this outstanding seventh edition teaches how to make appropriate judgments about what constitutes quality children s literature Using the critical standards for all literature, explanations are supplemented by special issues in judging books for children Taking readers through the definitions of literary terms by reviewing plot, character, theme, setting, point of view, style, and tone, and including special sections on censorship and the importance of reading aloud, Lukens provides sound criteria for assessing the merit of children s books The book also includes chapters on rhymes, poetry, biography, and informational books Emphasis is placed on multicultural literature, making it a book intended for use with a wide variety of children s books For anyone interested in children s literature, education, language arts, and or educational media I read this for my children s literature class. I appreciate the additions to this updated version of a children s literature resource that I have used for quite some time Updated book examples are included as well More could be done to address multicultural literature, but still a solid resource of genre and literary elements. Great comprehensive book for those who begin to study children s literature I have been using this book for my Introduction to Children s Literature Class for 6 years It works so well, and helps a lot in making my students understand even some difficult concepts in CL. Not the best Children s lit textbook I ve ever used for a class. I read this over the course of 6 weeks to give myself background for a work project Appreciated the fact that the author gives her opinions about particular books, both good and bad, in chapters on the major components of story tone, style, plot, point of view,etc A good book for a non English major to understandexplicitly elements of fiction Most enjoyable chapter was the one on poetry.