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|BOOK ♀ A Christmas Promise (Buchanan Brothers, #9) ⚇ All the wealth and privilege in the world cannot erase the memory of one woman Laird Tiechert doesn t do forever The son of a construction magnate, he spends his time perfecting the art of perpetual bachelorhood That is, until several months ago, Lana Winters was thrust into his care.Broken, damaged and needing someone she could trust, Laird found himself in a role he d never played as a caregiver.Laird told himself he was playing a part for the sake of protecting the club, Malvagio When his part was done, he walked away Except, Lana never truly left his heart.And that s a problem.Lana Winters, still struggling to overcome what d happened to her in the darkened halls of the notorious club owned by the Buchanan family, wants nothing to do with men or relationshipsespecially someone like Laird.But there s something about Laird that draws her out of her shell and forces her to confront her feelings for the man, even though he s the worst for someone like her Can Laird keep his Christmas Promise or will his failure ruin Lana forever USA Today bestselling author Alexx Andria brings the Buchanans back with this story of love and redemption, forgiveness and healing