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I received an ARC from the author The opinionsIn this review are my own This novel is a continuation of the Henrietta and Inspector Howard series The author successfully weaves the lives of several characters through this historical fiction novel Henrietta and Clive are struggling to launch their careers as detectives Meanwhile Elsie continues to question her future Intertwined in the novel include settings of the home of a medium with psychic powers who hosts a seance and Dunning Hospital for the Insane Both Henrietta and her sister Elsie represent strong female characters who are not content to sit at home with a rich husband Each seems to fly in the face of convention determined to exert their strong nature The end of the book present a page turning scenario for Henrietta What danger awaits the couple as the become involved in investigating their first cases From the very first paragraph the reader is back in the world of 1930 s Chicago populated by Elsie and Gunther and Henrietta and Clive This book is the fifth in the series by Michelle Cox and to me the best yet Henrietta is recovering from the miscarriage and Clive is striving to bring her out of her depression when not just one case but two investigations are available for the couple who are starting a private investigation business The first case is to help Henrietta s sister and her friend Gunther try to find the mother of Anna, the child that Gunther brought with him from Germany Anna has epilepsy and the orphanage she has been placed in is reluctant to keep her The search to find the mother is pretty straight forward until they find she has died in an asylum where she was placed after hospitilization.The second case is brought to the couple by a friend in the police department who does not want to investigate the physic who has hypnotized a man s wife.Both of these investigations lead Henrietta and Clive into some very interesting and dangerous situations.The author has written a very compelling story and the reader is carried along Without giving an spoilers I say the reader has many adventures with these characters and I for one am looking forward to the ride These period books are so well written and draw the reader immediately to the time period. @Free Kindle ñ A Child Lost (Henrietta and Inspector Howard #5) ò A Spiritualist, An Insane Asylum, A Lost Little GirlWhen Clive, Anxious To Distract A Depressed Henrietta, Begs Sergeant Frank Davis For A Case, He Is Assigned To Investigating A Seemingly Boring Affair A Spiritualist Woman Operating In An Abandoned Schoolhouse On The Edge Of Town Who Is Suspected Of Robbing People Of Their Valuables What Begins As An Open And Shut Case Becomes Complicated, However, When Henrietta Much To Clive S Dismay Begins To Believe The Spiritualist S Strange RamblingsMeanwhile, Elsie Begs Clive And Henrietta To Help Her And The Object Of Her Budding Love, Gunther, Locate The Whereabouts Of One Liesel Klinkhammer, The German Woman Gunther Has Traveled To America To Find And The Mother Of The Little Girl, Anna, Whom He Has Brought Along With Him The Search Leads Them To Dunning Asylum, Where They Discover Some Terrible Truths About Liesel When The Child, Anna, Is Herself Mistakenly Admitted To The Asylum After An Epileptic Fit, Clive And Henrietta Return To Dunning To Retrieve Her This Time, However, Henrietta Begins To Suspect That Something Darker May Be Happening When Clive Doesn T Believe Her, She Decides To Take Matters Into Her Own Hands With Horrifying Results Author Michelle Cox has knocked it totally out of the park with her soon to be released novel, A Child Lost, the fifth in her Henrietta and Inspector Howard series This novel is worthy of six or seven stars, and fans of historical mystery romance would be wise to delve into her multi award winning series set in Chicago in the 1930 s A Girl Like You, A Ring of Truth, A Promise Given, A Veil Removed A Child Lost continues to follow the marital union of two families, one that was once indigent and the other which is affluent, via the love of Henrietta and Clive Howard By book five in this series, the reader has become emotionally involved in the extended families of both spouses, and Ms Cox does an extremely skillful job of exploring the complex relationships among her well fleshed out characters To my personal delight, A Child Lost primarily seesaws between the absolute daring and sometimes foolhardy detecting of Henrietta and Clive, and the softer but nevertheless courageous life of Henrietta s sister, Elsie Those who love strong female characters will find both Henrietta and Elsie appealing, each in her own way Having already won myriad awards for her novels, this book is, in my opinion, the author s best written yet The action suspense at the end of A Child Lost sizzles, and Ms Cox s ability to capture love in many of its varied, authentic forms is mesmerizing. Just when I thought she couldn t get any better SHE DOES IT AGAIN What starts out to be what Clive believes a distraction to help poor Henrietta , becomes oh so much..The ups downs, the ins and outs of this story are awesome This is one story I will not forget Thrilling Passionate Intriguing highly thrilling to say the least A great mystery leaving you with the feeling of something bigger and slightly evil maybe coming fir someone BUT WHO Will it be Clive, Henrietta, Anna, Madame Pavlovsky I started this book and REFUSED TO PUT IT DOWN ok I took maybe an hour to feed my hubby and dog Michelle is a true genius Her writing make you feel like you are living the story , piece by piece You don t to put it down I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE GIFT THEMSELVES THE PLEASURE OF HER BOOKS You will not be disappointed I ve read them all and never have been I ve read all the book in the series and with each addition both the storyline and writing gets better and better The writing is very well done and well developed I feel like I know and can relate to the characters The story flows so nicely from chapter to chapter that the reader is never bored It was such a fun and entertaining read I highly recommend this novel and the others in the series to readers who want a good historical mystery Trust me you won t be disappointed. I have become really invested in this series especially Henrietta and Clive A Child Lost is the fifth book in the Henrietta and Inspector Howard Series While, these books could be read as stand alone novels, I do recommend reading them all in chronological order This way you really get the full experience Plus, as I said, I have really enjoyed these books so it will not be a problem to read them all.It was so kind of Clive to look after Henrietta after the lose of their unborn child The two mysteries in this book were intriguing Clive and Henrietta work so well together to solve cases They really balance one another out nicely Henrietta brings the woman s intuition while Clive is methodical in his thinking and can sometimes get heated This is where Henrietta comes in to help calm Clive down The love these two share for each other is very evident I can t wait to read the next book in this series Mrs Cox has infused so much life into Clive and Henrietta The stories are great as is the time period Every time that I start reading one of these books, I am instantly transported back in time Fans of this series will be very pleased with this newest offering in this series. Another great book in this series, however, I have to admit this one is my favorite Based on a romantic plot between two charming and witty characters, the story has some mysterious twists and turns I just love it and can t wait to read and to find out what happens next I hope Cox will not let me wait for too long Strongly recommend this book to all of you who love romance with suspense, super entertaining Best Birthday gift idea for those of you who don t know what to get for someone who has it all Get the entire series and you will be greatly appreciated for unforgettable memories. It s 1936 in ChicagoElsie, Henrietta s sister, is now a student at Mondelein an all women faculty in Chicago There she befriends the German custodian who s looking after a little girl, 5 year old Anna She was left in his mother s boarding house back home in Germany by Liesel who went to America to look for Anna s father Gunther has now followed her to the USA because Anna suffers from epilepsy what was considered a mental illness at the time or even possession by the devil by the less educated people and the nazi party is on the rise in Germany and they re not tolerant towards handicapped people He lost the trail of Liesel and can t look after the girl and work at the same time, so Anna has to stay in an orphanage most of the time Elsie asks her sister to look into the case and find the mother.Henrietta is recovering from her miscarriage but suffers from depression Her loving husband Clive notices this and hopes to lift her spirits through an investigation He asks his friend Frank from Winnetka police if there s something that he can send their way He has a strange story about a man that came to the station and reported that his wife was hypnotised by a spiritualist and now she gives all her meagre jewellery to him It s not really illegal to give away your own jewels, but Frank sniffs some fraud and connery going on When he comes home to tell her about the first case of their detective agency, she has found a case herself So now they have two.Then there s Rose, a friend acquaintance of the two sisters Her story isn t absolutely essential for the cases , but I like to hear about the way people lived, worked, thought and behaved in the past especially when those norms are clearly deviant of those we live by today It also ties up some loose ends from the previous books She lives with her abusive sexual, physical and psychological dad and her retarded brother But her dad gets worse and worse with the beatings of her brother and now her as well She has a boyfriend Stan, who previously was in love with Henrietta first and later Elsie, who also lives with his mother He s not the brightest light but has a kind and loving heart and will do anything to not lose Rose So, to save her and her brother from their dad he agrees to a secret civil wedding so they can get a flat for the three of them not having to live in sin and have the official church wedding later on as planned How does this work out The visit to the asylum at Dunning is very confronting for Henrietta as she realises that it is only money that is the difference between the women inside and those with depression, melancholia, hysteria or other typical female afflictions She thinks that she herself may suffer melancholia and depression after her miscarriage and wonders if the women were like they re now when they first came to the asylum or that the sorry state of the women that they witnessed is the consequence of therapies as water hosing or electroshocks Not long ago, I read another book about mental health institutions in the 1880ies and it doesn t look very different from this account 50 years later and only 100 years ago.The woman talking about the people that inhabit the centre of the earth may have read Jules Verne, who wrote a famous book about this subject, which is mentioned in the text as well As he was a man, nobody put him into a madhouse The book has a strong focus on the madhouse and what we consider as crazy and what is merely eccentric And just as well today as in the past, money talks and those with enough funds are rarely incarcerated Also, certainly in the past, it was a lot harder for women to avoid non voluntary admission than for men And till recently it wasn t very hard for a husband to have his wife admitted.This is a very pleasant and entertaining historical mystery Mrs Cox has found the near perfect balance between interesting historical details and being bombarded with facts that clutter the story In her afterword, she says that finding this line is even difficult when dealing with real existing historical figures I think she did a great job here and enjoyed it that she disclosed some of those details in that last address.I received a free ARC from the author and this is my honest review. A Child Lost id an intriguing story set in the 1930 s The detectives have their hands full An orphan, an asylum, a seance and then family and friends needing help plus their own health Lots of action and plot twist that keep you reading until the end.