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this cover is a foolish endeavor and there is nothing beautiful about it Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram A pre emptive apology to all other 2020 releases because THIS just skyrocketed to the top of my Most Anticipated list.I know it s never going to happen, but I would love to see the pre first second pass versions of this book and see how the final version was revised. AND NOW WE HAVE A coVER TOO OMH Y GGFdsgnGBZFSBDfzugbsflghbWE HAVE A RELEASE DATE I REPEAT WE HAVE A RELEASE DATE I need it NOW HAND IT OVER, HANK I JUST THIS ON HANK S INSTAGRAM THIS HAS A TITLE, A SYNOPSIS AND A RELEASE DATE EXCITED IS A VERY A SMALL WORD FOR WHAT I AM FEELING RIGHT NOW BRB SCREAMING. .Book ♹ A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor ☹ April May And The Carls Are Back In The Much Anticipated Sequel To Hank Green S New York Times Bestselling Debut Novel, An Absolutely Remarkable ThingThe Carls Disappeared The Same Way They Appeared, In An Instant While They Were On Earth, They Caused Confusion And Destruction Without Ever Lifting A Finger Well, That S Not Exactly True Part Of Their Maelstrom Was The Sudden Viral Fame And Untimely Death Of April May A Young Woman Who Stumbled Into Carl S Path, Giving Them Their Name, Becoming Their Advocate, And Putting Herself In The Middle Of An Avalanche Of Conspiracy Theories Months Later, The World Is As Confused As Ever Andy Has Picked Up April S Mantle Of Fame, Speaking At Conferences And Online About The World Post Carl Maya, Ravaged By Grief, Begins To Follow A String Of Mysteries That She Is Convinced Will Lead Her To April And Miranda Infiltrates A New Scientific Operation One That Might Have Repercussions Beyond Anyone S Comprehension As They Each Get Further Down Their Own Paths, A Series Of Clues Arrive Mysterious Books That Seem To Predict The Future And Control The Actions Of Their Readers Unexplained Internet Outages And Which Seem To Suggest April May Be Very Much Alive In The Midst Of The Gang S Possible Reunion Is A Growing Force, Something That Wants To Capture Our Consciousness And Even Control Our Reality A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor Is The Bold And Brilliant Follow Up To An Absolutely Remarkable Thing It S A Fast Paced Adventure That Is Also A Biting Social Commentary, Asking Hard, Urgent Questions How Will We Live Online What Powers Over Our Lives Are We Giving Away For Free Who Has The Right To Change The World Forever And How Do We Find Comfort In An Increasingly Isolated World Hank Green s A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor picks up in the aftermath of his first book, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing Following the shocking death of April May, her friends navigate a world that is reeling from the sudden disappearance of the aliens known as Carls and the collective dream landscape they took with them The first book offered a gripping look at one woman s experience with first contact and viral fame, but the sequel is far ambitious in its scope It dives right into the mystery of the Carls purpose for coming to earth and the myriad ways humans attempt to understand and intervene with this purpose April s friends try to parse conspiracy theories, a secretive offshore research lab, and an underground reality game to understand what happened to their friend, what the heck the Carls existence means, and what to do about those using the void left in a post Carl world to attain dangerous levels of power and influence Just as the sequel ramps up the story s sci fi elements, it also ramps up the character studies by splitting the narration into five points of view In the first book, April May constructs her identity around the myth of the lone hero, but the sequel s five complex and flawed protagonists unravel this concept by each driving a critical element of the plot and its probability toward the novel s racing climax Together, they create something so much bigger and interesting and far less predictable than what any one of them could do alone This makes sense, because while the first book was April s story, the sequel is just as much her friends story and the larger story of humanity on the brink Each of the narrators lives is intimately connected to a network of side characters, without whom they wouldn t succeed in taking story altering action time and again.The book decentralizes the narrative power further by using Tweets, podcast transcripts, news articles, YouTube video scripts, chat forum conversations, and to piece together its world Thus in form, as well as plot, A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor warns against the consolidation of human power and makes a persuasive case for collaboration in both storytelling and problem solving That goes for large scale systemic issues as well as small interpersonal ones It s a story about alien interference, catastrophic greed, and the fragility of human society But it s also about recognizing privilege, building community, and learning how to be kinder to the important people in our lives The stakes are high in the novel, but they re high in the real world, too This entertaining story presents stinging social commentary on how existing power structures endanger our survival, and the way our ability to humble ourselves in partnership with others might be what saves us from our own worst tendencies In that sense, Hank Green s A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor does what all the best novels do offers a temporary escape into a compelling fictional narrative, before dropping you back into reality with a greater understanding of its systems, empathy for the struggles of people whose lived experience differs from yours, and a renewed sense of urgency to be an active force for good in the beautifully foolish endeavor that is humanity Thank you to Dutton for the review copy Opinions are all my own. OMG WHAT, THERE S GOING TO BE A SEQUEL 1 An Absolutely Remarkable Thing December 2019A SYNOPSIS AND A COVER We are blessed An Absolutely Remarkable Thing was one of my favorite books of 2019, so I m extremely excited about this sequel.