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EPUB ê 14 Sai (14歳, #1) ⚶ 世界中で緑色の赤ちゃんが一斉に生まれる、という事件が発生。 それは、謎の鳥人間“チキン・ジョージ”がたくらんだ、人類滅亡の計画だった…。 この病気の原因は誰にもわからず、世界は「恐怖の緑病」に恐怖する。 そして、同じ病を患うわが子を持った、アメリカ合衆国大統領・ヤングは…。 ▼第2章/緑の髪の少年(3)~()●主な登場人物/チキン・ジョージ(バイオ鳥肉のササミ細胞から誕生した天才科学者)、ルーシー(チキン・ジョージの手により、知能を高度に発達させた鶏)、アーサー・ヤング(アメリカ合衆国大統領)、ミッキー(チキン・ジョージに捕えられた少年)●あらすじ/世界中で一斉に生まれた緑色の赤ちゃんたち。アメリカ大統領・ヤングの生まれたばかりの子供もまた、緑の皮膚を持っていた。病院のなかでは、親たちや医者たちがパニック状態に陥る…(第2章・3)●本巻の特徴/ヤング大統領の前に、チキン・ジョージに会ったという少年・ミッキーが現れた。彼はチキン・ジョージのもとで経験した、世にも恐ろしい出来事を語り始める。海で遭難しゴミの島に漂着したミッキーは、目の前にあらわれた言葉を話す鶏・ルーシーを追いかけるうち、地下へと続く階段を見つけた。だがミッキーは待ち受けていたチキン・ジョージとルーシーに捕らえられ、研究室の檻に入れられてしまう…。多くの動植物を絶滅へと追い込んだ人間に復讐するための、チキン・ジョージの人類滅亡計画が徐々に明らかになる、驚愕と戦慄の第2集。●その他の登場人物/スーザン(大統領の妻)、アメリカ(大統領の子供) Full series review:Sometimes I remember isolated plot points from this series and briefly wonder if they're detritus from a nightmare before remembering that no, 14 actually did have a scene where a gladiator rapes another before starting to absorb him It's actually incredible how weird this manga gets, considering how long it is Most start to collapse once they hit a critical weirdness threshold, but 14 keeps going and going, never letting up I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, but if you want to see what Umezu Kazuo is really capable of, this is it. The graphic novel, Fourteen is about a scientist who works at a chicken plantation, a chicken man, and other less important people While working on the plantation as an researcher, the scientist notices an eyeball in the chicken cell grower He grabs it out and puts it in a secrete place His coworker tries to find out about what is going on by trapping him in a gas room so that he would come out and everyone would see the chicken The scientist puts the chicken in a bag and hides it at his house The chicken man tries to kill everyone The theme of this story is that people should stop harming animals for food to live or else a chicken man will kill us all in fourteen days after it's born Examples of this are even the dogs were going extinct and people were running out of food then chicken guy came and killed people Another example is if we keep killing animals we will have to eat artificial chicken like most people do at McDonald MY opinion on the book was that it really sucked It was incredibly boring and nothing seemed to interest me The part about a chicken evolving into a man was the only part that was interesting I would not recommend it to anyone. I don't know why I keep reading manga by Umezu as though it'll eventually improve None of it is good This is bad enough that it borders on being funny, and probably would have been improved if it was consciously humorous The plot is totally ridiculous and unbelievable Literally the villain of the first part of the book is a guy named Chicken George who is a chickenhumanoid The drawing is like low budget early 90s manga, which it is I would have actually finished it because of how over the top campy it is, but its pointlessly drawn out as well Idk why To sellissues? Who cares I lost my patience with this series at around the halfway mark.