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I borrowed this from our collection here at UHD Actually, as the Spanish language selector, I ordered it for our collection I wrote a brief note about the book over in my blog: [] This is a wonderful, funny way of how little children see the world Insightful, funny and sometimes deep The children are Argentinian living at home Always a picker upper, always needed for a good laugh. Where are the English and Chinese versions of this book?“10 Años con Mafalda”* is a 192page collection of comic strips and stories centered around renowned Argentine cartoonist Quino’s (Joaquín Salvador Lavado’s) cartoon character Malfalda (and her friends and family), published by Lumen in 2015 Mafalda, a sixyear old girl with a pronounced attitude, engages the immediate and greater world around her with the innocence of a child and the unexpected insight of an adult The following comments integral to this review are written from the framework of language instructors, versed in Spanish and English or Chinese (or all three), using “10 Años con Mafalda” for didactic purposes in English as a Second Language (ESL), Spanish as a Second Language (SSL), or Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL) settings with teenage or adult learners.ESL: Because Quino (Joaquín Salvador Lavado) produced his comic strips and series of books centered around the character of Mafalda from 1964 to 1973, “10 Años con Mafalda” indirectly addresses Cold Warera topics These include the Vietnam War (e.g., page 61), SovietAmerican relations (e.g., page 67), and the OPEC oil crisis (e.g., page 104) The historical, Cold War context of the comic strips and stories featured in “10 Años con Mafalda” makes the book an excellent tool in exposing students to an Argentine or South American perspective of geopolitical events crucial to the mid‘60s to early ‘70s—if students are provided English translations Additionally, coupled with the critical humor, satire, and seriousness of the issues presented and addressed in the book, “10 Años con Mafalda” is an appropriate text for engaging English language students in thoughtful, critical discussions in matters pertaining to parenting, aging, bureaucracy, etc (if English translations are provided) (I am about to use my own English translations of what is written in “10 Años con Mafalda” with adult Mainland Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kongner English language learners and intend to publish a blog focusing on ESL through “10 Años con Mafalda.”)SSL:“10 Años con Mafalda” is a comic anthology or collection and as such, many of its strips employ onomatopoeia The Spanish as a Second Language teacher has multiple examples of Spanish onomatopoeia to demonstrate and elaborate on for Spanish language learners within “10 Años con Mafalda.” More importantly, it should be stressed that “10 Años con Mafalda” is an excellent resource in teaching the characteristics of River Plate Spanish (castellano rioplatense) spoken in Argentina and Uruguay Central to River Plate Spanish is the use of voseo (i.e., using the second person singular pronoun “vos” and its corresponding conjugational verb forms) and vocabulary unique to Argentina and Uruguay with borrowings from Italian Quino (Joaquín Salvador Lavado), as a native of Argentina, employs his country’s variant of Spanish in all of his strips Therefore, any Spanish as a Second Language instructor should consider using “10 Años con Mafalda” to teach and exemplify the proper use of voseo Students of the Castilian or Spanish language would benefit from reading samples of “10 Años con Mafalda” and doing assignments concerning the vocabulary of River Plate Spanish presented therein This is because of the book’s philosophical and entertaining collection of comic strips Further, because of the philosophical, political, social, and economic issues addressed in “10 Años con Mafalda,” the Spanish as a Second Language teacher should employ the book’s content to raise inclass discussion questions about serious subjects for teenage and adult students to answer CFL:Given the heightened focus of South America in the People’s Republic of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Argentina’s intense willingness to partake in this Chineseled trade and economic network, and the strengthening of bilateral ties between these two countries in the last four years, “10 Años con Mafalda” is an excellent text for CFL instruction in Hispanic contexts—if Chinese translations are used This is because Quino’s (Joaquín Salvador Lavado’s) Mafalda is wellknown and highly received in Spain and in most parts of Latin America Essentially, Mafalda has high relatability, near universality, and immense iconic status among Hispanics Further, the Spanishspeaking CFL instructor (such people exist) can use Chinese translations of “10 Años con Mafalda” in nonHispanic settings to present Cold War history and Argentine, South American humor and satire in Chinese Using this book, he/she can provide Chinese language students with assignments and lead inclass discussions about the Cold War, South America, and crucial, universal issues in Chinese via the historical context and existential nature of “10 Años con Mafalda.”It must be noted that although some of Quino’s (Joaquín Salvador Lavado’s) strips and stories have already been rendered into English and Chinese (Chinesethan English), there is no English or Chinese version of “10 Años con Mafalda” as of February 11, 2019 Perhaps Lumen should consider publishing all of the following: separate English and Chinese versions, bilingual SpanishEnglish and SpanishChinese editions, and a trilingual SpanishEnglishChinese edition Five stars! ¡Cinco estrellas! 我推薦這本五星好書!* Se escribe como 10 años con Mafalda usando las normas escritas del castellano o español. Bought recently in Buenos Aires Love it.12/30/10: Mafalda manages to be simultaneously cute, witty, poignant, and biting and is a powerful cultural force in the Spanishspeaking world The nearest I can think of in English is Doonesbury, but IMO Mafalda wins that battle easily. its a really fun comic writed by quino that is from angentina and this is a democratic girl always with her questions to her parents. I can't ever get tired of Mafalda, even if it was written for a 60's and 70's audience, the social problems and the politics all seem relevant today Humor is the best way to difuse tension. This might be my third or fourth read through she is the coolest Argentine 4 year old around. *Download Pdf ↚ 10 años con Mafalda ⇲ Created inby Quino, Mafalda appeared in various Spanishlanguage newspapers and weeklies until the Argentine illustrator discontinued the series inThe quirky young girl became an icon throughout Latin America, similar to Charlie Brown in the United States One could say Mafalda is a singular phenomenon, though, as she is popular both with adults and children evenyears after the series ended Several volumes of Mafalda cartoons have been reprinted, but this is the first one that gathers a selection of cartoons spanning the ? period Whenever I need a dose of reality, I read Mafalda. This might be the greatest comic ever