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Love this couple Saw the movie and had to read all the books I'm not disappointed The light novels are cuter and sexier than the movie. This third novel was pretty cool, I don't remeber at all the begining of it because I began reading it like 6 months ago, but I really loved the firts two novels and this one too, the couple Yokozawa x Kirishima is awesome But I don't know, I felt that the whole ending was a drama cliche, with the psycho girl, Yokozawa even said that XDI already began reading the 4th novel, I want to knowabout this couple and can't wait to see the anime adaptation :) I started this like 2013 but for some reasons i was never able to ending right now I'm rereading all the Yokozawa's storyline In this one for some moments I felt that Yokozawa just needed chill out and Kirishima needed to stop teasing the poor Yoko, but anyways this time weredrama than usual, but these two got his moments also I love that the other characters of sekaiichi play a role in the novels like Yukina and in this also Hatori I would also like to seescenes with Takano I felt sometimes uneasy when they mentioned that they didn't speak to much and I was like: come on they weren't bff 4 for ever?; I also love the fact that Hiyori is growing up in front of my eyes she is so sweet!!! Well I'm ready for the next novel. Kirishima’s teasing persists and Yokozawa still gets riled up, but not as much Yokozawa has made some strides, of course, not without struggle He uses “we” a lotwhen thinking about Kirishima family matters Kirishima has peeled back a few of his own layers and that’s helped Yokozawa settle his thoughts about how he compares to Kirishima a bitYokozawa already dealt with a crush and easily by admitting that he was in a relationship Unfortunately, Kirishima did not fare so well with his turning into a stalker I need someone else to know about their relationship Someone other than Takano, though I am looking forward to Yokozawa telling Takano Or better yet, Takano questioning him about it because he sensed something. Finally, third volume completed ^^Awwthe writing style didn't change, the romance, the awfully cute character also didn't ^^ Was worth it again ^^ 3 I wantof YOKOZEN and KIYO Waaaa Seriously, I can't seem to get enough of these two bishies XDDThankful to Nakamura Shungikusensei More YAOI for us YALO xPS: Kirishima's soooo like a child who loves to pout and throws tantrums ALWAYS Poor Yokozawa Hahaha ~ seriously, Yokozawa stop your bullshit, it's pissing me off. *Download Book ⇚ 世界一初恋 〜横澤隆史の場合3〜 [Sekaiichi Hatsukoi ☠ 文庫版冊の合本に描き下ろし漫画を収録したスペシャル版が登場!!ある時、桐嶋の娘・日和の同級生の伯父である五百川に、日和が成人しても堂々と桐嶋と一緒にいられるのかと問われた横澤は…?文庫版冊の合本に描き下ろし漫画を収録したスペシャル版が登場!! MOAR!!!!! Sooooo cute!!! We get movie date and beach date and back hugs and domestic scenes and ALL THE THINGS!!!! 3