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kinda nice but it wasnt what i expected (((DOWNLOAD))) ☄ ألواح ودسر ↜ رواية استثنائية عن عالم استثنائي ومختلف قد يكون عالمنا الحقيقي بعد أن نزيل عنه أقنعته ونزيح عنه أصباغه عالم تسقط فيه الجدران الوهمية بين الزمان والمكان، فإذا بالماضي يصير بصيغة الحاضر، والحاضر يتلبّس صيغة المستقبلللوهلة الأولى، ستكون الرواية عن سيدنا نوح عليه السلام، وسفينته التي أنقذت الإنسانية من الطوفان، وكلنا نعرف هذه القصة، لكننا سنجد أنفسنا فجأة جزءًا منها، بل إننا سنجد أن واقعنا المعاصر كله هو استمرارٌ لتلك القصة؛ كما لو أنها لم تنتهِ قَط، كما لو أنها تتجدد دومًا، وإن تبدّلَت أشكال الطوفان، وتبدّل معها شكل السفينةالقصة تروَى من وجهة نظر طفل صغير عاصَرَ الأحداث وقتها، لكن سرعان ما نكتشف أن هذا الطفل يسكن جزءًا من أعماقنا، وأن في كلٍّ منا بقايا شيء منهفي هذه الرواية، سنجد أنفسَنا أمام خيارين لا ثالث لهما: إما أن نستسلم للطوفان ونقبل الغرق، أو أن ننضم إلى السفينة وركبها إما أن نمر بها وبمَن يبنيها ضاحكين مستهزئين، أو أن نمدَّ أيدينا، إلى الألواحِ والدُّسُرـ That book is very rich vocabulary and beautiful 2.5 stars So this book helps you to think about things in a very simple waysome could find it as a naive way to put things, yet I found it simple and direct It helps you to ask questions about things you have never thought about, how we are directed to think in a certain way that suits the others who are controlling us, how societies are controlled while thinking that they control themselves While reading the book, I stopped several times and asked myself some of the questions suggested by the author, I laughed how people are deceived, and how they go with the flow easily At one point, I stopped to think, I am one of those who are deceived, one of those who is controlled and forced to think and act in a certain way.I am that consumer who was made to believe that he/ she can't live without a smart mobile, a microwave, someone who should have a nice watch, good brand sunglasses, etc someone who get busy of thinking about thingsthan about people!!What a failure of humanity we are living inand I am not excluding myself!! The best feeling is when you reached the end of the book, flip the covers then you feel adrenaline hurmon rises in your body *siiigh**happiness* my adrenaline is always increased high..anyways. I've just finished reading this novel The story line is interesting. as quoted from author The Novel Planks and Nails brings together what is known the fantasy novel and the literature of miraculous realism known within the last three decades. I didnt like some part of it was totally lame, but it take your attention in some way It shows that you have to believe within yourself and fight for what you want and ignore everyone is blocking your way as long you're in the right track. there is a light inside of everyone and there is always a dsrkness around There is good witthin bad and so it be At the end. what doesnt kill you makes you stronger.. YOU can relate alot to the story characters. A new old story that can be part of anyone's life story! I can't say enough about this book, Recommended! Not your typical Arab book. the same story , totally different prespective It was simple with huge benefits the author's style was different from his previous works..but I enjoyed reading it so much ^^