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right from the opening pages of this work, you get a sense of stifled expression, of set ways and things not to be broken the Clan Taboo applying to relationships mentioned almost at the outset and the expectant nature of Quiauh s punishment for her transgression of over a decade ago is a gripping entree.Chimal is a different sort of character, though Chimal Junior, I mean The obvious inference is that the relationship the forbidden, taboo, hither too unthinkable relationship has something to do with it I suppose reading beyond the start of Chapter 3 might aid me in finding out precisely whyThe sacrificial nature of these people can t help but disgust me perhaps I m forcing my own religious views onto a work of fiction, but the description of the wriggling puppy s sacrifice It looked up at them, its tongue out and panting in the heat, while Citlallatonac, as first priest this was his duty, plunged his black obsidian knife into the little animal s chest Then, with practiced skill, he tore out its still beating heart and held it high as sacrifice to Tlaloc, letting the blood spatter among the stalks of corn makes me quite annoyed I m a sucker for furry, cute little animals By the end of the inside portion of the novel, it seems obvious that there s a lot to answer and with 2 thirds of the book to go I assume I m going to get my wish Chimal s got his exit, we ve confirmed his biological father to be someone from a neighbouring village rather than a local, and we have a mysterious, dangerous God who cannot see him when he hides underwater and a sun that won t rise if the appropriate prayers haven t been said Chimal is the watcher, of course, he s discovered all this but to corrupt Juvenal s words to our own context, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes nothing about women or police here, perhaps but who s watching the villages She obviously had little curiosity about things unknown We re well and truly in , now or outside, if you want to stick to it Seems to be a motif, this lack of curiosity People with advanced technology, vast stores,, vacuum sealed equipment all points at this stuff being kept until needed, with simple operating instructions for those who intend on doing the operating Looks like they need it, too they aren t the brightest bulbs in the candelabra But the religious symbology is strong here, as strong in a way as it was in the village, which points to a conjoined origin for the two now very diverse groups Whether that s origin as ancestors or origin as overseers Time will tell.So, as I start the stars portion with the final third to go, I will desist in this little commentary so as not to spoil the ending I shall return to finish and post this upon my completion of this intriguing work.And thus, but for the split of a paragraph, I return, the novel finished and the day an hour or so lost As I wrote above, I daren t ruin the surprise of the ending, although I will say that it s a shame it ended the way it did i.e in such an open and there may be to say but I didn t bother kind of a way Still, the characters were interesting, the plot at least mildly gripping and the story, although not quite original, well told. Sometimes a book goes in a circular and almost wave like rhythm, Chimal the main character is deftly drawn with a beautifully pragmatic eye, I first read this when I was barely a teenager, it was one of the books that made me long to write, I won t hit you with the plot because somewhat like the Matrix if you know what is coming it lessens the whole story, but its a rough and tumble journey through the world the hero inhabits I am grinning as I write the words because This was the very first book that I couldn t put down..If Harry Harrison ever reads these words all I would like to add is Thank You. Captive universe is a rather short novel about an Aztec young man whose restless and inquisitive spirit makes him dare to deny tradition and fears and start discovering the real world around him What he discovers is something he could never have imagined or believed but we, readers, must have expected just by looking at the front cover And that is my first major complaint of the novel Maybe this would have had of a kick if I didn t already know what s going on but we are being shown and told before we even start reading Actually it s very hard to talk about this novel without spoilers but I will do my best.Complaint no 2 is of course plot and character development, which is a big mess and totally absolutely unbelievable in a bad way At one point in the book, a certain person has hardly seen a tool made of metal or a wheel before and lo and behold a few hours days later he can fix a huge air purification or air conditioning system just by a quick glance in a few minutes or explain cosmological and geophysical differences based on centrifugal forces vs gravity or understand the nature of hospitable planets and solar systems and you get my meaning Other characters also display the same incontinuity of personality and mentality which is a rather poor feat if we take into account that the number of all the main and secondary characters is not even half a dozen.Complaint no 3 is that Harry Harrison is not that great of a writer He s not bad but he will not excite with his wordcraft either As I always focus a lot on dialogue than descriptions, I thought his dialogues were rather rough, forced and not very realistic.Maybe my expectations were higher that they should have been but I felt disappointed by this book I can t really recommend it. Brilliant old school sci fi with enough twists n turns and big ideas to keep you turning the pages until the end This was recommended to me by my brother in law and he was bang on the money, great book What starts off as a tale of ancient Aztecs terrorised by a real god ends up as a claustrophobic epic set aboard a vast colony ship heading towards the promised land Very well written with economy and wit a must for any sci fi collection. 3.25 5 Vaguely Good Harry Harrison s Captive Universe 1969 contains a captivating premise an Aztec society encased in an artificial world the purpose and true nature of which is slowly uncovered Harrison s use of a limited perspective means that the reader learns about the world entirely through the eyes of the main character spoilers The Fascinating The narrative and the world Chimal, the son of a disgraced Aztec father who slept with a woman from the wrong village, leads a tightly controlled existence in a valley cut off from the rest of the world He is expected to plant maize, perform the correct rituals, and find a wife The world around him is a brutal one the goddess Coatlicue with her writhing serpent kirtle kills those who defy the rules 7 The human priests For the complete review One of my favorite books ever Young Atztek leaves village to discover that the world he lives in is artificial A generation starship I very probably have read this before, everything seemed so entirely predictable But very good Of course he saves the day when he, as the First Arriver redirects the ship back to Proxima Centaury The ending is great The girl he met with the nice name Watchman Steel in the end declines his offer to become his woman She prefers to be what she was raised to be a watchman. A book that I read many years ago and have wanted to re read I had to search on the net as I had forgotten the title and author Although I had remembered the main plot there was a lot I had forgotten and it was great fun to re read. {Download} ⚪ Captive Universe Ø For the first fifty pages you ll swear that Harrison has been rummaging in an old trunkHere s that tired old themethe lost community of Aztecs who have been cut off in a hidden valley by a landslide centuries ago Presently they will discover the outside world our world The stalwart Aztec maverick may even fall in love with a beautiful white explorerOf course, any reader of Analog Magazine should know harry Harrison better than that There are rumblings, even in the first chapters The Aztecs are blond that old Fair God bit again Someone is feeding the vultures meat from an unspecified source And surely we re not supposed to accept a snake headed goddess Trust Uncle HarryOn page , young Chimal follows the goddess through a secret door in the cliffs, with his whole tribe hunting him, the story turns inside out P Schuyler Miller Old school Sci Fi but lacking in substance.