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Joana Vilkas, your daughter, your sister She is salt to the sea I ve been waiting for this book ever since I finished reading Between Shades of Grey back in August.I ll admit that I had very high expections for this book and I m glad that every single one of them was met I could not stop reading Salt to the sea, I kept telling myself just one chapter, just one we all know how well that works I enjoyed reading from every main character and view spoiler wished we got to read at least one chapter from Ingrid s point of view before she died hide spoiler Update Here is my video review book is a masterpiece It takes place during WW2 and follows 4 characters as they are seeking freedom on the Wilhelm Gustloff, a ship that promises safety to all Going into it I was very apprehensive about reading it Historical fiction is not a genre I typically reach for But this book blew me away It s safe to say that this book was the best book I have read this year The writing in the book was so phenomenal The way that Ruta laid out the story through her writing was so just beautiful I felt like every single word in this novel had a purpose There were these sentences that she would lace throughout the different points of view to connect them that I just thought was so brilliant Out of the four main characters I loved 3 of them I felt so much for them and their struggles Towards the end of the book I felt like they were people I knew and I desperately wished I could change their fate I also LOVED the side characters just as much as the main The one main character I didn t like was a character that you aren t suppose to like so that wasn t necessarily a problem I just didn t find myself enjoying his chapters as much as the others This is a book that I know will stick with me and I am going to be thinking about these characters forever You definitely won t want to miss this book @DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⚛ Salt to the Sea Ù ,, 4.5 This book was beautiful It s gonna take a minute for all my thoughts to set in Video review to come Such a beautiful yet tragic story Ruta Sepetys has such a way with words Video review to come 4.5 stars.No wonder SALT TO THE SEA won the 2016 Goodreads Choice Award for Young Adult Fiction It s pretty darn captivating Every time I finish reading an historical novel, especially the WWII ones, I find the need to congratulate myself It s no secret that those novels are usually heavy in emotions and historical elements.Yet Ruta Sepetys made reading this YA historical novel so easy I didn t even feel the necessity to take a dozen breaks between chapters And that s because it s so Accessible You don t have to be a university student to understand fully what happens in this book You don t even need to be knowledgeable about World War II The only thing you need to do is pay close attention to what the characters are saying.Which isn t hard at all Ruta Sepetys writing is simple enough that we understand absolutely everything she is saying, but not so simple that it feels as if it were written by a kindergartener It s actually very lyrical This novel is narrated from four distinct point of views characters Alfred, Florian, Joana and Emilia who are all brought together on the Wilhelm Gustloff by the catastrophic war Like many people, I forgot about this terrible part of the Second World War I first heard about this ship when I watched the movie The Imitation Game, if this is indeed the ship that was mentioned in the movie, yet I only connected the dots when things started getting awry in the novel Even so than they are already were What a tragic event So many lives How did I not learn about this ship in high school Thank you, books and movies if that s the ship.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin How foolish to believe we are powerful than the sea or the sky ALL THE FEELS Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys nurtured my body, it fed my soul, it made my heart soar I also had a wave of despair and a feeling of intense longing when the book ended, coming to the unfortunate and fortunate realization that I would be experiencing a book hangover A phenomenon that occurs when you read something so good, you think you will never find something quite as good again This book was by no means a walk in the park or a box of Godiva chocolates It is like you are on an emotional roller coaster, with upside down turns, twists, and drops It will tear at your insides, it makes you want to cry and shriek why is this happening This novel follows Joana, Emilia, Florian, and Alfred They are young adults vying for a passage on the Wilhelm Gustloff It takes place in the Winter of 1945 during World War II These young adults and the passengers on board the Gustloff are hoping for freedom and safety from the war This book was inspired by the biggest maritime tragedy of all time When I had read the plot summary, I had initially thought Hold up The Titanic or The Lusitania was the biggest tragedy in maritime history, wasn t it NO It actually was the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff.For information on this event, please Ruta Sepetys hit a home run with this one I d like to add a caveat about this book If you are a reader like me who might generally shy away from young adult fiction, don t I loved this In addition, I loved how the book was constructed The chapters were very short In fact, while I was reading, I kept thinking Just one chapter, Just one chapter and then I noticed it was dark outside and I had finished the whole book Gotta love those stayuptoolatecan tfunctionbooksThis book was unexpected It was executed skillfully and I loved how the author recreated the time period so effortlessly It was clear that Ruta Sepetys had done extensive research on the subject matter and time period, leaving meticulous details throughout the book indicating her extensive knowledge Ruta Sepetys has a way with words that cannot be matched or duplicated This book will leave a footprint on my heart forever, for that, I m sure.Highly, Highly Recommended 5 5Popsugar Challenge Prompt 25 A book that takes place by the seaBuddy Read Ruta s work is a gift. I have never been so simultaneously sad and angry while reading a book in my whole life This swift footed, kind hearted historical is intensely satisfying in just about all the ways a novel can be satisfying Without further ado, here are five things you should know about it before picking it up 1 A lot of times, historical fiction shows its work As a history major, I don t mind a research filled brick of a book, but I d think carefully about who I recommended it to Historical can be dense Salt to the Sea is not that book Sepetys chooses her word battles carefully for an incredibly fast read Short chapters elbow you and say read just one , right until the book is all gone.2 I wanted to call this a thriller when I first started typing up this recommendation, but the term s not quite right It s quite fast paced, but THRILLER feels wrong it s not quite got that frantic electricity ADVENTURE is closer, but still wrong Shouldn t there be jeeps and a comic relief side kick in an adventure There s mostly just soldiers and frostbite and abandoned soup in this one, which is not the same Nevertheless, you should know it s not a depressing book, although sad things happen in it.3 The characters are lovely There are many of them, all deftly and lightly drawn, and because they come from all ages and backgrounds, the dynamics between them are ever changing It s told from four points of view to allow the reader to spin around the story from all angles, and because each of the POV characters brings something very different to the table, this swapping of eyes is satisfying rather than frustrating 4 Sepetys has two other historicals out that I enjoyed a lot, but this one has headed briskly to the top of the list it s confident and stylish in a way that is really satisfying to see.5 This novel is the natural successor to Code Name Verity a character driven, accessible, YA historical with all the feels you could desire and enough research to bring down an elephant If elephants were brought down by research.